If You're A Taurus, This Cocktail Is A Must-Try

Whether you've been a fan of all things zodiac, or you're stepping into the world of astrology now, you're most probably deeply aware of the truths our sun signs tell us. While detractors may scoff at the idea of our birthdays dictating our personalities, our astrological signs simply serve as markers, giving us details on certain parts of our inner selves. Plus, most of us tend to just look at our sun sign, but other signs allow us to see the full picture — our moon sign focuses on our emotions, rising signs are all about the outer self we portray to most of the world, and our Venus sign is all about who we are when we're in love. Still, our sun sign is a deeply accurate way to get to know your deepest self, and the person you most probably see yourself as.

If you use the zodiac to give you advice in your romance life, day-to-day decisions, or even your dreams and goals, may we suggest using it to pick your next cocktail? While the idea may sound a little crazy, it works. Your zodiac sign says much more about you than you may think, and it can steer you in the right direction to your best flavor profile, too. Plus, with so many new cocktails on any given restaurant menu every day, this method can live a lot easier. If you're a Taurus, your perfect cocktail is just as down-to-earth as you are.

Old Fashioned cocktails represent Taurus signs' steady, earthy nature

As earth signs, Tauruses are known to be deeply attached to the world around them — per Allure. A Taurus is known as some of the most sensory being in the entire zodiac. Taurus signs adore cooking an amazing meal at home, using only the freshest, farm-to-table ingredients and usually preferring hearty, nutritious vegetarian meals. This sign is naturally warm and comforting, and they also love to revel in some self care — Tauruses are right at home giving themselves some T.L.C. with a homemade honey-oat face mask, sinking deep in a bathtub with aromatherapy oils, or even gardening in their backyard. Even then, the bull sign is also notoriously hardworking, and they don't shy away from giving their all to their goals. 

It makes sense that the Old Fashioned cocktail is any Taurus sign's drink of choice. Combining muddled sugar, bitters, water, whiskey, a cherry and orange twist, this cocktail is a perfect balance between sweet and complex, and is a deeply traditional choice that never feels frilly. Tauruses are no-nonsense after all, they always tell it like it is, and yes, they're stubborn, too. But that's part of their charm –- a Taurus is always steady, and is the epitome of classic –- just like the Old Fashioned. Invented in 1880 in Louisville, Kentucky and later whisked off to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel bar in New York, according to Thrillist, any Taurus will appreciate this cocktail's age-old history.