Love On The Spectrum Season 3: Details We Know So Far

Though it first premiered in Australia in 2019, "Love on the Spectrum" debuted to audiences all over the world for the first time on Netflix in 2020. Unlike other dating shows on the air, the series shares a more meaningful message. 

As Screen Rant reported, "Love on the Spectrum" features those on the autism spectrum as they search for love and other relationships. Throughout each episode in the first two seasons of the show, autistic singles go on dates and meet with a dating coach who helps them navigate a world that is often foreign to them.

"People on the spectrum want love just like everybody else does," said Cian O'Clery, the show's creator, director, and executive producer, per TheWrap. "It's really refreshing and nice to be able to show people on an authentic dating journey who aren't picture-perfect, good-looking people looking for Instagram followers."

The show aims to represent a population that isn't often seen in the media, he said.  

"The number one thing I hope people will get from the series is that they'll understand more about autism. We're telling autistic stories via the lens of dating and relationships, but really, it's about getting to know these people and understanding the diversity of autism and the fact that everyone is so different. It's something you just can't make assumptions about."

Read on to learn more about Season 3 of "Love on the Spectrum."

When will Season 3 of Love on the Spectrum premiere on Netflix?

At this point, no news of "Love on the Spectrum" Season 3 has been announced. Despite this lack of news, Screen Rant assures fans that this doesn't mean the series was canceled. 

Given that the first two seasons aired one year apart, it stands to reason that fans could expect a third season to drop at some point in 2022.

Continuing to break barriers, "Love on the Spectrum" featured two cast members from the LGBTQIA+ community in Season 2, Teo and Mark. 

In the second season, viewers are introduced to a few new faces — Ronan, Kassandra, Jayden, and Teo — along with the re-emergence of fan favorites from Season 1, Michael, Mark, Chloe, and couple Jimmy and Sharnae, according to Autism Speaks

The latter got engaged during the first season of the show and returned in the second to grow closer and, eventually, marry. 

"We would be happy to [be on the show] again, but I would like to see more stories from more unique autistic people," Jimmy said while answering fan questions on his YouTube channel. "If we got the opportunity we would do it again," Sharnae agreed.

Who will appear on Season 3 of the show?

Thus far, nothing is known about who might be appearing on Season 3 of "Love on the Spectrum." However, given previous casting, it's highly likely that viewers will see the return of some favorite cast members in the next season. 

To refresh your memory, Season 1 featured autistic singles Mark, Chloe, Kelvin, Olivia, Mark, Andrew, Ruth, Thomas, Jimmy, and Sharnae, per Men's Health. Though each cast member was on a separate journey, they were all looking for love. 

As previously mentioned, Season 2 saw the return of fan favorites Michael, Mark, Chloe, Jimmy, and Sharnae, per Autism Speaks.

According to The Cinemaholic, Michael, Mark, Kassandra, Teo, and Jayden appear to still be on the hunt for love, while Ronan has found love with Katie, and Jimmy has done the same with Sharnae. 

Could those who have yet to find love return in Season 3? Only time will tell.

What has Michael Theo been up to since appearing on Love on the Spectrum?

Throughout the show's two seasons, one of the most beloved cast members on "Love on the Spectrum" has been Michael Theo, an autistic man who tried and failed many times to find a wife. 

Since starring on the show, Michael has appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." While speaking with the host, he revealed why he joined the cast of "Love on the Spectrum" in the first place — and why he sees his autism as a gift.

"I wanted to be on 'Love on the Spectrum' because it was my best chance to help me find a partner," he said, per Entertainment Tonight Canada

"People with autism, or Asperger's, have more gifts than neurotypical people do, such as being highly intelligent, being able to do puzzles very well, being able to remember lines just like that, having photographic memories. Those are the kinds of gifts that I meant."

Michael even started a podcast, "Mr. A+," on which he discusses a wide range of topics with guests.

"Rules for the podcast include: no controversial topics such as politics, religion, past wars, weaponry, and drugs. And most importantly it has a strict no Covid talk policy," Michael told ABC News Australia. "This podcast is about bringing love, positivity, and entertainment into people's lives. People really need that after the dark few years we've just had."