Why This Bold And The Beautiful Star Had To Change Her Hair For The Show

For several decades, Taylor Hayes' long black locks on "The Bold and the Beautiful" were her signature look. Played by actress Hunter Tylo on-and-off between 1990 and 2019, Taylor's mane of hair became a defining characteristic of the longtime "BATB" character. So, when the soap opera decided to reintroduce the character of Haynes through a recast, showmakers had to ensure that the replacement actress would resemble Tylo and her familiar hairstyle. 

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Tylo was replaced on the long-running soap opera by Krista Allen. Her portrayal of Haynes was welcomed by fans, who lauded her take on the well-known character. However, Allen's hair posed a problem as show bosses wanted her to have that specific Taylor Hayes look.

In real life, Allen had a short blonde pixie-style haircut, and was required to purchase a wig from Amazon that resembled Haynes' legendary black hairstyle. However, even after getting the wig cut to match her predecessor's look, the "Bold and the Beautiful" star had to change her hair for the show once again. 

Fans had a lot to say about Krista Allen's choice of wig

When Krista Allen landed the role of Dr. Taylor Hayes on "The Bold and the Beautiful" she knew she had to make the role her own, while still seeming familiar to fans. "Nobody can ever replace Hunter Tylo. I am just stepping into the role of a character, and that character lives on forever, no matter who is playing her," she told Soap Opera Digest.

As previously mentioned, Allen decided to sport a wig that resembled Hunter Tylo's hair on the show. However, fans were not convinced by the hair piece, and often voiced their disapproval of Allen's wig on social media. "Maaaaaan if y'all don't take that Party City wig off Krista Allen's head," one fan tweeted

Per Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Allen finally ditched the wig during a February 2022 episode of the long-running soap opera — to the delight of many viewers. "Krista Allen's hair looks SO cute today ... The wig is gone!!," wrote one excited fan on Twitter. Speaking to Bold Live, Allen herself revealed that she didn't care for the wig in question. "You guys will never have to look at a wig again," the soap star commented, adding that she decided to grow out her real hair and dye it instead.