What You Don't Know About YouTuber Milena Ciciotti's Husband

Milena Ciciotti is a famous YouTuber, who is best known for her lifestyle and family videos. She has made waves for being outspoken about waiting until marriage and her beliefs on drinking, saying that "Christians cannot be drunk" according to the Bible (via Daily Mail).

Yet, her staunch Christianity is both relatable and aspirational for many of her 600,000 YouTube subscribers, drawing many to follow along with her and her life online. Along with watching Ciciotti's life, her followers have also grown familiar with her husband, Jordan Ciciotti, who appears in many of her videos.

The couple are also active on Instagram, sharing and tagging photos of each other regularly. They even host a podcast together called "As For Me And My House" where they openly discuss religion and parenthood. But still, details surrounding Jordan Ciciotti's personal life and his relationship to his wife aren't always crystal clear to their followers.

Jordan Ciciotti is known for being absent

Many viewers have wondered why Jordan Ciciotti is often out of town while Milena Ciciotti shoots YouTube videos at home alone. She has shared footage and photos of her daily life taking care of the duo's kids, but without the help of her husband.

She addressed the situation in a Q&A video posted on YouTube where she explained that he trains for the military during the week. On some weekends, he flies to visit her, but only when he feels like it and when it's best for both of them. Since the video went live, Jordan Ciciotti has still remained a constant in many of his wife's videos, and he's never missed big events like births (the couple has two kids together, with another on the way) and holidays. And according to Milena Ciciotti's Instagram account, the couple recently renewed their vows, proving that he's planning to stick by her side for the long haul.

Milena Ciciotti and Jordan Ciciotti strengthen each other's religious beliefs

Milena Ciciotti is known for her Christian celebrity reputation, but her husband Jordan Ciciotti seems to be equally devout. He's passionate about his religion and isn't afraid to show it through a variety of public channels. He actively talks about being a Christian father and husband in the couple's podcast and YouTube videos, saying that "husbands ought to love their wives in the same way that Christ loved the church" in a video from 2020 found on Milena Ciciotti's YouTube channel.

Jordan Ciciotti also proudly calls himself a "Follower of Jesus" in his Instagram bio, and he even created a blog all about the church and his religion years before he married Milena Ciciotti. The couple appear to be nothing but in sync when it comes to their commitment to their Christian religion and the values of the church.