What Is Brooke Morosca From Cheer Doing Now?

In January 2020, Netflix debuted their unique docu-series "Cheer." Captivating viewers across the world, the six-part documentary followed the real-life drama of Navarro College's competitive cheer squad as they work to win the national title. Winning three Emmys for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program, "Cheer" has continued to entertain audiences for two seasons.

But as the show follows its cheerleaders in real-time, some of its stars aren't on "Cheer" for as long as its viewers may like. This includes season two's breakout athlete, Brooke Morosca, who wowed viewers with her immense skill in being a flyer as an alternate for Navarro's 2019 national championship team. Her mom Gina was also a major favorite among viewers, having raised Brooke as a single parent following the death of her father when she was 9-years-old (via Screen Rant).

Finishing her two-year program at Navarro in 2020, Morosca decided not to continue cheerleading for a third year despite being eligible. So what is Brooke Morosca doing now?

Brooke Morosca has prioritised her mental and physical health

Being very active on Instagram, it's hard not to see what Brooke Morosca is doing post-"Cheer." She's living life to the absolute full, which has become very Disney-centric since she began studying at the Disney College program in Orlando (via Instagram).

In-between studying, she's also had the time to reflect back on what happened in the second season of "Cheer," including how both her mental and physical health has improved. "This season was hard for me to watch and relive some of those hard moments I experienced during my time at Navarro," she wrote on Instagram. "I struggled a lot behind the cameras with both my mental and physical health, but did my best to stay positive for myself and my team."

She went on to write that while her time at Navarro was "an incredible experience to be surrounded by so many talented athletes and coaches," her time there also made her realise that putting her mental and physical health first was the most important. "PLEASE remember that your self worth is NOT tied to cheerleading, or any sport," Morosoca continued. "I'm still working on my own mental health journey, but have come so far from the person I was two years ago when this show was filmed."