How Many Times Has Victor Newman Been Married On The Young And The Restless?

When you're The Great Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), as he is known to fans of "The Young and the Restless," you are bound to have a lot of marriages under your belt. After all, Victor has been a Genoa City mainstay since 1980 and was already married when he was introduced to the canvas. Julia Newman (Meg Bennett) may have not been the love of his life, but when he did find that one special woman named Nikki Reed (Melody Thomas Scott), he married and divorced her several times over the next few decades until they seem to have gotten it right.

That doesn't mean he didn't love the other women he married through the years in his own special way, despite a few of his wives seeming questionable at the time and now. Take a look back at Victor Newman's 14 marriages and many wives since he first made his "Y&R" debut more than 40 years ago.

Victor divorces Julia, marries Nikki Reed

Victor Newman's first wife was nearly a thing of the past by the time he and Julia made it onto the Genoa City scene. He and Julia divorced and Victor became enamored by a stripper he met at a club. Victor decided he would make this woman his and turn her into a lady of the manor and he succeeded, although it definitely took many years until Nikki became the upper class matriarch she is today (via Soaps In Depth).

Nikki and Victor first wed in 1984 after their daughter, Victoria (played by Amelia Heinle as an adult), had been born. While they were divorced the first time, they had an affair that produced a son, Nicholas (played by Joshua Morrow as an adult), and Nick and Victoria were already grown and married (through the magic of soap opera aging) by the time they wed a second time in 1998. In 2002, they tied the knot for a third time, and the fourth time was apparently the charm in 2013 (via Somehow, Victor and Nikki have managed to stay married for nearly a decade, which is something of a miracle for them.

Victor marries Leanna Love

This was a strange pairing indeed, as Leanna Love (Barbara Crampton) was the author who wrote Victor's biography, "Ruthless," and struck a few things in there Victor didn't approve of. In fact, he thought Nikki had given her the information, but it was really his enemy Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). In his anger, Victor divorced Nikki and married Leanna in 1988, but the marriage wasn't meant to be.

It was Nikki who busted up this union in 1989 when she announced that her divorce from Victor wasn't final when he took his vows with Leanna. Therefore, this particular marriage wasn't legal despite it being counted as one of 14 because Victor thought it was the real deal at the time. Leanna eventually left town, but she is still out there ready to write a few more tell-alls and Soap Hub suggests that she could still return to Genoa City to work in the various media companies our favorite characters now run.

Victor finally marries Ashley — twice

Behind Nikki, Ashley Abbott (played by both Brenda Epperson and Eileen Davidson) is probably the other great love of Victor's life, and after a series of unfortunate events and dubious affairs that Nikki tried to sabotage, Victor and Ashley finally married in 1990. That marriage didn't last and Victor ended up married several more times before he and Victor wed again nearly two decades later. This time, Ashley became pregnant but miscarried the baby and had a psychotic break. Fortunately, Ashley recovered, but her marriage to Victor didn't last and the pair finally parted ways.

However, in between their first marriage and their second marriage, Ashley had stolen Victor's sperm from a sperm bank and gave birth to their daughter, Abby, who she raised as Brad Carlton's (Don Diamont). When Abby was older, she eventually learned she was a Newman and an adult Abby (Melissa Ordway) considers Victor her father.

Victor marries farmgirl Hope Adams

By the 1990s, Victor was having what some might call a midlife crisis and left Genoa City to try to find himself. He was also presumed dead, so it was easy for him to hide out on a Kansas farm where he fell for the farm's owner, a blind woman named Hope Adams (Signy Coleman) (via Soaps In Depth). When Victor decided to reveal himself as alive and return to Genoa City, he brought Hope with him and they planned to wed, but Nikki didn't like this idea. She tried to thwart them, but they married anyway by 1994.

When Hope became pregnant, Victor didn't want the baby because he feared it would be blind, so Hope returned to Kansas and gave birth to a healthy son, Victor Adam Newman, who she raised with her second husband. Victor Jr., who now calls himself Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), didn't know Victor was his father until he was grown.

Victor marries his daughter-in-law — and others

Perhaps one of Victor's strangest marriages was to his former daughter-in-law, Sharon Collins (Sharon Case), who had been married to his son, Nick, for years, and was the mother of his grandchildren. At the time, Sharon was in a manic stage of her bipolar disorder and thought marrying her ex-husband's father would be a good idea. She had even been married to Adam at one point, as well, so this was a strange choice of wife indeed. However, this 2012 marriage was mainly for business purposes and was not meant to last.

Through the years, Victor also had a few other random wives who came and went, including one of his daughter's best friends, Sabrina Costelana (Raya Meddine). Diane Jenkins (played by Alex Donnelly and Maura West) also got to call herself Mrs. Victor Newman twice, as did a woman named Meggie McClain (Sean Young), according to In the end, it looks like Victor is now married to Nikki for the long haul and all of these other women have just been distractions from the real deal.