Zoe Kravitz's Risqué Look At The Batman Premiere Stuns Fans

Zoë' Kravitz is truly the moment. The successful actress, musician, writer, and director is an esteemed star that fans can't get enough of not purely due to her talent, but also because of her down-to-earth chill vibes and jaw-dropping beauty. As the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, it would have been easy for her to simply ride off the coattails of her famous parents, but Kravitz continues to make a name of her own entirely independent of them. 

Always taking on exciting new roles, Kravtiz has hit an all-time high with her upcoming role as the infamous Catwoman in the new installment of "Batman," as reported by Harper's Bazaar. It was instantly clear to fans that she would be a perfect fit for the role. Her fierceness, her immaculate beauty, and her aptitude for acting primed her perfectly to fill the role's big shoes. 

Kravitz admitted to Elle exclusively that she anxious about whether she'd get the role or not, but director Matt Reeves confirmed what fans suspected, "There was never a moment where she was guarded or insecure. She has good instincts. She's incredibly smart, very funny, honest, unpretentious, and she had great ideas about character evolution. She is a great creative partner." 

Catwoman can be a daunting role but Kravitz rose to the challenge and revealed to Empire that she even carefully studied cats and lions fighting to prepare for the role. But with Catwoman it's about so much more than the feline-ness of it all. It's about the allure, the smooth subtle sexiness, and the outfit of course. And at the London screening of "The Batman" Kravitz proved she had it all...

Zoe Kravitz oozes Catwoman energy

One of the arenas in which Zoë Kravitz especially excels is fashion. Every time she hits the red carpet, jaws instantly drop. All eyes were on her in anticipation of the killer looks she was guaranteed to serve during press for "The Batman" and with the very first step, she set the bar high in true Kravitz fashion. 

The London screening of "The Batman" kicked off the red carpet tour for the movie, and Kravitz instantly proved to everyone that she was the perfect Catwoman, per the Daily Mail. Kravitz arrived at the red carpet the picture of elegance with a sexy sharp edge that's perfect for the role she's representing. She donned a beautiful sleek black body-hugging Saint Laurent floor-length dress that featured a scalloped neckline with cutouts strategically placed beneath her breasts, as explained by Harper's Bazaar

Kravitz completed the simple, elegant look with slicked-back hair and wet-looking bangs, as well as some understated sultry makeup and of course– an iconic cat flick for the Catwoman. She stunned fans with the incredible risqué look that she pulled off so effortlessly. While BuzzFeed pointed out the likely wink towards "The Batman" with the cutouts over her breasts resembling the shape of the bat signal. 

Kravitz was joined on the red carpet by none other than her co-star and "The Batman" himself Robert Pattinson, who donned an oversized grey suit designed by Luke and Lucie Meier for Jil Sander paired with a simple black turtleneck that perfectly captured the suaveness that is Pattinson, according to Vogue. We can't wait to watch the pair complement each other on the big screen as effortlessly as they have on the red carpet.