Body Language Experts Analyze What Your Leg Positions Reveal About You

Most of the time, when we are out in public and take a seat, we aren't making conscious choices or decisions about the way we sit or the specific placement of, for instance, our legs. But just because we may not be consciously choosing to sit with our legs crossed in a particular direction or our ankles crossed or our knees apart, each of those positions might say something very real about how we are feeling in that moment. It can even send signals to other people about whether and how to approach us. 

For instance, if you are standing up in a crowd of people at a bar or perhaps giving a presentation in front of a room at work, did you know that the position of your legs while standing makes a difference in the level of confidence you exude (via Science of People)? Standing with your legs in a V shape exudes the most confidence, so if you part your legs a bit while giving that presentation, you look firmly, sturdily rooted to the ground, confidently taking up space, and comfortable in your body. Versus standing with your legs rigidly together, which might make you appear nervous, uncomfortable, or closed off. 

Dating? Here's what your leg position tells your date

Similarly, where your feet are pointing indicates the direction in which you intend to go, whether you mean to do this or not (via LifeHack). If you're standing beside your date at a bar, if your feet are pointing toward that person, it would indicate that you are enjoying spending time with them, are fully engaged in the conversation, and intend to stay interacting with them for a while. If, however, your feet are pointing toward the door or generally away from your date, it could send the message that you are not interested or are waiting for your chance to leave.  

Speaking of dates, have you ever wondered what is considered the sexiest, most appealing leg position? If you're a woman, the answer is seated parallel legs (via Science of People). This is where you cross your legs in a relaxed position in which one leg rests on the other comfortably and leisurely (rather than crossed tightly and rigidly while sitting up perfectly straight as you might when nervous or when you want to send a "stay away" message. The relaxed crossed legs indicate you are comfortable in your surroundings and open to communication.