How To Replicate Rachel Zegler's Simple Glam Look

Rachel Zegler is new to the Hollywood game, but she's already attached to some massive projects. This includes the 2021 remake of "West Side Story," Disney's upcoming "Snow White," and the superhero sequel, "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" — the latter two slated for release in 2023 (via IMDb). Zegler grew up in New Jersey, and she often sang at weddings throughout high school. Of course, she performed in musicals, too (per People). At only 18 years old, she went through a strenuous year-long audition process for the Steven Spielberg remake of "West Side Story," eventually beating out 30,000 other potential actresses for the role of Maria. 

Even with her packed work schedule and corresponding press junkets, Zegler still prioritizes her self-care and aims to keep stress to a minimum. In a makeup and skincare tutorial for Vogue, she told viewers that factors like dairy, caffeine, and stress all strain the vocal cords, which wasn't ideal for shooting a movie musical. "A huge chunk of my wellness journey has to do with my voice," she shared.

Zegler demonstrated her complex skincare routine while discussing her career. For Zegler's simple glam look, she actually uses quite a few products, including CeraVe face wash, Bliss toner, a 15-minute Clinique face mask, and an LED mask. She finishes her routine with Bliss Vitamin C serum and moisturizer, Augustinus Bader face oil, an eye cream, and SPF 40 tinted sunscreen from Supergoop. Phew! 

Zegler believes how you feel is as important as how you look

Before Rachel Zegler walked Vogue viewers through her much-anticipated makeup routine, she gave some personal context for her beauty journey. She shared, "One of the most important things on my mental health journey as well as my skincare journey has been making sure that I feel as comfortable as possible so that I can do my job to the best of my ability." After a stressful year of filming, recording, photoshoots, and press interviews, Zegler has to remind herself to de-stress for the sake of her body, voice, and mind.

Zegler's childhood also informed her ideas of beauty and self-care. She told Vogue, "I definitely wanted to look like Selena, I wanted to look like Shakira, who's from the same city as me in Columbia — Barranquilla." She continued, "There's a huge obsession with appearance and beauty in Latin American countries. Even though we're, like, super naturally beautiful, we wanted to look like Selena Quintanilla, so a lot of times, we were focused on this beautiful dark hair and the big red lips." However, this didn't discourage Zegler. Instead, she found comfort in these feminine ideals. "As I've gotten older, I've just been able to appreciate more of those beauty standards in Latin America," she said.

The actress also shared what she hopes viewers take away from the video: "I hope you learned something not only just about how you look but also how you feel because that is all to do with beauty."

She emphasizes her natural features

Rachel Zegler began her makeup routine by applying Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer as a foundation. The actress told Vogue, "I have had the hardest time trying to find colors that matched my skin," but she praised on-set makeup artists for blending colors to find her shade (via YouTube). However, the actress acknowledged, "We don't all come in a standard shade of anything, which is a beautiful thing. But it's also very frustrating when you're trying to buy makeup."

The actress shared that discoloration on her eyelids makes it look like she's already wearing a bit of makeup, so she applied a pinkish cream eyeshadow to complement her natural pigmentation. Next, she grabbed her makeup brush to apply concealer in "problem areas," and went for a Giorgio Armani bronzer she calls "easy to layer." Zegler applied the bronzer strategically to her cheekbones, nose, and forehead. Then, it was time for a subtle pink Chanel blush, which doubled as a highlight for her prominent cheekbones.

To maintain her iconic thick eyebrows, Zegler gets them threaded occasionally. She also uses a Chanel brow pencil and Bare Minerals gel for shaping. For lips, she over-lined the top lip and applied dark pink lipstick. She finished the look using an eyelash curler and the same Nars mascara she wore on the set of "West Side Story." That's it! The beauty had a natural glam look that could go from the red carpet to a night out with ease.