Celebs Caught Laughing So Hard, You Won't Be Able To Keep A Straight Face

What is our deal with celebrity fascination? It's probably because they play roles that move us, and they support causes we care about. Oh, and it might be their superhuman good looks. We tend to put celebs on a pedestal, and it's easy to forget that they're regular 'ol humans. For that reason, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing our idols acting like normal, goofy people. They're just like us! So we've found some golden clips of your favorite celebs totally losing it on camera. They giggle uncontrollably, and it's incredibly contagious (and endearing). Good luck keeping a straight face.

Tom Cruise loses it on Letterman

This might not be the most famous madcap Tom Cruise interview, but it's truly amusing. He's telling Letterman about a time he was flying a plane, and there was limited oxygen. He and the copilot decided to turn off the oxygen in the passenger area so they could make it to their destination. It wasn't dangerous, but it sounds truly terrible! Letterman even says, "isn't that attempted manslaughter?" and Cruise just falls completely apart. He's in hysterics, and you can't help but laugh along with him. Cruise assures Letterman that the altitude wasn't high enough to be of any danger to the guy, so it's all good fun, right?

Dustin Hoffman is cut

In this interview, Dustin Hoffman loses his mind when he's told he was "cut" in a movie. It's true! At the time of the interview, the guy who once played Tootsie was in pretty good shape. However, he did not take the compliment as it was delivered, and instead laughed his head off at the term "cut" as it refers to, well, circumcision. It seems to be one of those situations when one person's laughter eggs on another's, because the interviewer can't hold it together either. Goes to show that even one of the finest actors in history can be reduced to helpless giggles with a single penis joke. 

Emma Watson is adorable when she loses it

In a pretty lengthy interview about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I, Emma Watson gets cracked up when she's asked how long she'd been filming the Harry Potter movies. She never explains exactly what tickled her funny bone so much except to say she keeps thinking of something funny someone told her earlier, but she certainly has a hard time pulling it together. She's pretty adorable, so it's fun to watch, but the interviewer has, like, ZERO inflection to his voice, and he's off camera the whole time. It would be priceless to see his face every time Watson launches back into the giggles. It makes you wonder what's going on in the background, because she laughs almost every time he asks a question for a good chunk of the interview.

Britney might be a mean girl

Ah, 2003. The year Martha Stewart was indicted, the largest hailstone recorded falls in Aurora, Nebraska, and the infamous "kiss heard round the world." Madonna, performing "Like a Virgin" with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, lays a smooch on both of the teen idols. The one with Britney was much more, well, involved, and the media went crazy. In this Japanese interview, Britney is asked what the kiss was like and she said it was "fun" and "surreal." The interviewer shows a clip of a 2002 appearance in Japan where Britney gave a kiss on the cheek to a fella, and then hands her a picture of him. She totally loses it. Is she just surprised, or does she not like that guy? We get sort of an idea when we see another clip, this one from 2001, and realize that obviously Brit has interacted with that dude before. Maybe he's the biggest Britney fan? Cookies to whoever can translate this video and solve the mystery.

Joe Biden and his awesome sense of humor

In a 2008 appearance on Good Morning America, Diane Sawyer would not let Joe Biden go until she got his reaction to Jason Sudeikis's portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live. Biden was very amused, and even joked, "I wish I had that much hair." He kept saying how good the performances on SNL were, saying that for a moment he even thought that Tina Fey's Sarah Palin was really Sarah Palin. Sawyer asks him if that was the first time he'd seen it, and he admitted that he'd watched it before, but that it made him laugh every time. It's easy to see how his sense of humor spawned so much of his imaginary humor in the post-election memes of 2016.

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson on a roll

In an interview for their film Fool's Gold, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey have a blast with Norwegian comedian Truls Svendsen. In the short clip, it looks a lot like the famous onscreen couple is meanly laughing at Svendsen's accent. As it turns out, it's clear when you see the longer interview that the funnyman is purposely making them laugh, which makes the whole thing a lot more fun to watch. The whole interview turns out to be a joke, and Hudson and McConaughey have an excellent time. It's clear that the twosome are friends after working on films together for so many years. 

Elijah Wood gets pranked

Some important friendships were formed during the filming of the Lord of the Rings movies, and this 2004 "easter egg" is proof. Wood didn't necessarily know that costar Dominic Monaghan was the one interviewing him — he tells us in the beginning that the interview was done via satellite. Monaghan could see Wood, but Wood couldn't see him. So, the interview begins (after an intro from Monaghan) and it's super awkward. When the conversation turns toward the fact that Sean Astin said Wood was a "beautiful man" and the "interviewer" asks if there's anything "gay" about it, Wood can't help but laugh. Later in the interview, Monaghan brings up Wood's new film, which is about football hooligans, and he asks him if he "kicks balls" — it finally seems like Wood catches on that he's being pranked, and he totally loses it. It's impossible not to laugh with him. 

The mother of dragons roars with laughter

You're hard-pressed to find an interview where Emilia Clarke doesn't collapse into helpless giggles like the adorable person she is, but in this short clip from Sit Down With The Stars by Regal Movies, she is in fits. She was promoting Terminator: Genisys and, while we don't have context for this particular clip (she did several interviews the same day, it seems, and laughed in all of them), we know that something hit the comedy nerve for the accomplished young actor. If you read the YouTube comments (a place notorious for negativity) you see that the whole internet is pretty much in love with her, and her giggles. 

Jennifer Lawerence, of course, loves a good toilet joke

It's hard to pick a Jennifer Lawrence clip. She's hilarious and pretty much the coolest girl ever. But in this Graham Norton Show segment, Jack Whitehall's bathroom story sends her into fits. It is a funny story, but James McAvoy seems genuinely concerned about her as he touches her face, and then asks Norton for a tissue. Whitehall jokes that she's lactating (that is one heck of a push up bra she's got on), but McAvoy just seems to have gentlemanly concern. Lawrence is uncharacteristically silent for the whole thing, save for when she's laughing uncontrollably. Her giggles had already been triggered earlier in the show when she revealed the text message prank she pulled on her then-boyfriend, which is where the lactating connection starts. It's worth watching the clips for all of this to make sense!

Adele is confused and uncomfortable

Wendy van Dijk's controversial character, Ushi Hirosaki, and her fake show Good Morning Tokyo, have pranked a number of celebs. The victim in this clip is Adele, and it's clear she's torn between many different emotions as the prank occurs. Once Ushi tries to get Adele to go out with the guy in the room, she falls to pieces at the absurdity of the interview she finds herself in. Once the interviewer reveals the whole thing has been an orchestrated prank, Adele face plants into the couch in disbelief of what just happened. Adele has a great sense of humor, and in the end she clearly appreciated the hilarity of the situation.

Ryan Gosling can't even with Greg Davies

In this episode of The Graham Norton Show (language warning), Greg Davies tells a story of accidentally wearing his mother's underwear and having a particularly bad bathroom incident. Ryan Gosling, usually a pretty stoic guy, laughs really hard pretty early on. Russell Crowe and Jodie Foster join in at the end of the story, but Gosling's cracking up the whole time. Hey girl, I know how to have a good time. 

Celebs just want to have fun

Laughter is, indeed, contagious. These clips proves that nobody is immune to a great belly laugh. Whether it's an inappropriate reference to one's anatomy or a great bathroom story, we're all human. May we all laugh hysterically as often as possible.