Everything You Need To Know About The Bird's Nest Haircut

Even if you didn't know there was a name for it, you've probably seen someone with a bird's nest haircut by now. According to Know Your Meme, people who wear this hairstyle have the sides of their heads shaved, but their top hairs have a fluffy or shaggy look in waves or curls. This hairdo is typically somewhat long over the face, with hair dangling over the forehead but cut clean at the back of the head, and is usually styled with hair products. Since this style has a straight silhouette that drastically switches to wild curls on top, it looks like a bird's nest or piece of broccoli, which is why it's also known as the broccoli haircut.

While this hairstyle is not brand new, it evolved recently because of how much time people spend on TikTok, and the rise of e-boy culture. Like many hairstyles that grew in popularity as a result of social media trends and influencers, some people love it, others hate it, and some can't decide whether or not it's for them. Here are some things to consider if you're thinking about giving this edgy hairdo a try.

Should you get a bird's nest haircut?

If you're thinking about changing up your look, you may want to explore the bird's nest haircut while it's still on-trend. When researching a specific hairdo, it can't hurt to look at other people who wear their hair that way and think about how it would look on yourself. Many celebrities and influencers have rocked this hairstyle, helping it become as well-known as it is now. For example, Jaden Hossler, a pop-punk musician also referred to as jxdn, is known for his angsty song lyrics and has worn his hair in this style. Additionally, there are currently many photographs of famous TikToker Noah Beck with his hair in this style.

When determining whether this controversial hair trend would be the right fit, you should consider your lifestyle and personality. Since this look is highly associated with TikTok, it may be a good idea to try it out if you enjoy social media and have a large online following. As mentioned before, this look is typically linked with e-boys. If you wear a lot of edgy looks such as black nail polish, leather, distressed denim, and consider yourself a "bad boy," you most likely have the style and personality to match this hairstyle. But if you dress more preppy or formal, this may not be the right hair trend for you.