All Of Austin Butler's Iconic Hairstyles

Between his beautiful eyes, tall stature, fit physique, and talented acting abilities, it's no secret that Austin Butler has built a successful career and swooned many people. Not only is he a total heartthrob with smashing good looks, but he's portrayed a wide variety of characters in many genres of TV shows and movies. According to IMDb, he's known for his role in the creepy film "Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood," and some of the many TV shows he's acted in include "The Carrie Diaries," the drama "Switched at Birth," and the beloved tween series, "Zoey 101." He'll also be starring in "Elvis," a film about the iconic singer expected to come out later in 2022.

Looking at Butler's filmography, it's clear that he can pull off a lot of range when it comes to acting, instead of just sticking to one genre or character stereotype. While we're impressed with his ability to take on different roles, we're just as amazed by how he has pulled off so many different hairstyles.

These are Austin Butler's best hairdos

We love an actor who can rock significantly different hair lengths, styles, and colors and still look great. Of course, Austin Butler is one of those stars who can pull off any hairstyle you can think of and still look perfect (via Cosmopolitan). We love how different hairstyles convey different styles, personas, and moods. Butler's different looks each give different vibes, and we can't stop obsessing over all of them.

With short blond hair, Butler looks like a classically handsome model who just walked off a runway or magazine cover. While we love his elegant, clean-cut, short blond hairstyle, he looks just as attractive with long blond hair. With his flowing blond locks, Butler gives off the vibe of a laid-back, free-spirited surfer who we would love to hit the beach with any day of the week. He even pulled off the controversial man bun style, looking effortlessly trendy.

Not only does Butler kill it as blond, but he somehow manages to slay with black hair as well. Very few people can pull off both blond and black hair since it's such a drastic difference, but he manages to make it work. The black hair makes his light eyes pop, and gives him an edgier vibe. He also looks great in any style of hat, ranging from beanies to backward baseball hats.

Ultimately, we're excited to see what's next for Butler's acting career — and his hair!