The Truth About NBC's New Dating Show The Courtship

Time traveling to an escapist, dreamy version of the Regency era is a fantasy shared by many. We love watching Jane Austen's romantic prose come to life, making shows like "Pride and Prejudice" and "Sanditon" classic fan favorites. Last year, "Bridgerton" became Netflix's most-watched series (via Fortune) and we think it's because of a winning formula: elaborate costumes, absurd niceties of social class, and of course, a torrid romance.

After waiting in the 21st century for too long, we can now look forward to the second season of "Bridgerton," which airs on March 25. However, NBC has a new reality dating show that can hold you over until then. "The Courtship" combines Regency era dating and chivalry with modern-day humor to find one woman, her true love (via Entertainment Weekly). 

It's basically a real-life "Bridgerton" set, including the costumes, where men compete for a lady's "honor" in the "Bachelorette" retelling we didn't know we needed. Read on to know why the show is different from any other dating show right now, and why it will probably win our hearts (and views).

It's filmed in front of a castle

NBC's "The Courtship" was formerly known as "Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance," which again proves that Jane Austen's ability to cater to romantics everywhere is unparalleled. Nicole Remy from Seattle gets to star in this Austen-inspired fantasy, where 16 suitors compete for her heart. And they really mean "compete." According to Entertainment Weekly, the suitors have to impress Remy by participating in archery and fencing challenges. But they also have to impress Remy's trusted court of advisors — her parents, sister, and best friend — to win a seal of approval that lets them stay in the game. If they fail to impress, suitors leave the journey in a carriage after a weekly farewell ball.

The show will also be filmed in a 19th-century English castle to really transport viewers and suitors to a different time period. "We're in a fairytale," Remy says in the trailer. "Etiquette, being proper and chivalry ... I'm loving this," she continues. At one point in the trailer, a few suitors jump into a river from a boat for Remy. "They jumped in for my honor. That's kinda hot," Remy says, summing up the show's 21st century meets Regency era aesthetic.

"The Courtship" airs on March 6 on NBC and Peacock.