Did Prince Philip Really Tell Queen Elizabeth To Shut Up?

Lately, the news about Queen Elizabeth's health has been worrisome. The English monarch recently tested positive for COVID-19 after her son, Prince Charles, and her daughter-in-law, Camilla Parker-Bowels, came down with the virus (via the BBC). However, it seems she is on the mend. According to NBC News, she returned to her royal duties virtually this week. This is a great sign, as she had to cancel a few previously scheduled virtual events due to her COVID-19 symptoms.


While most of the news stories have been centered around the queen's health, it's exciting to see a funny queen story making the media rounds. Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, had a near blissful marriage (via USA Today). The monarch once said, "He is someone who doesn't take easily to compliments, but he has quite simply been my strength and stay all these years."

Recently, though, a story broke that shed some light on what went on behind the scenes for the royal couple.

The queen had the best response when Philip told her to shut up

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were together for 73 years before the prince passed away at the age of 99 (via NBC News). While many heartwarming stories showcase the couple's love, few show the feisty side of the queen quite like the time Philip told her to shut up in playful banter.


According to Geo TV, the story went like this. During the first COVID-19 lockdown, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were no different than the rest of us, stuck inside with our household companions as our only source of social interaction. During that time, they got into a few fun-loving conversations filled with banter.

Allegedly, Prince Philip was heard saying, "Oh, do shut up, you silly woman," when they were playfully fighting with each other. That was when the queen replied with the best jab, saying, "I am not a silly woman, I am the queen."

"They bickered with one another. It was sweet but so unexpected," the royal aid who witnessed this conversation said, adding, "I couldn't believe my ears but I was told this was how they always were with one another."