The 'This Is For Rachel' TikTok Sound, Explained

One of the most hated people on TikTok right now is someone named Rachel. Initially, it's unclear who she is or whom she's hated by, but an angry audio with her name on it is making rounds on the video sharing app. Whatever Rachel did, we're sure she did not expect to go viral. But we shouldn't be surprised since anyone can become famous on TikTok. Relatively unknown accounts can suddenly find millions of followers, thanks to TikTok's algorithm, for example.


Unfortunately for Rachel, the algorithm now has her name on everyone's lips. Everyone, from cats to humans, is calling out Rachel while lip-syncing an audio filled with expletives. "This is for Rachel, you big, fat, white, nasty-smelling, fat b***h. Why you took me off the motherf***ing schedule with your trifling dirty white racist a**, you big fat b***h, oompa loompa body a** b***h?" Almost 560,000 videos feature the audio, used comically along with other filters and trap remixes.

The TikTok audio is from a real voicemail

According to Know Your Meme, the "this is for Rachel" audio went viral on Twitter in 2018, when user @freepark_ing captioned a video of a voicemail on his landline with, "Wrong number just sent me this... Rachel, you better be ready." The audio went viral soon after, and Jasmine Collins, the person who identified herself in the audio — she notably said, "I'mma show you not to play with Jasmine Collins' money, b***h" — went live on Instagram to explain that Rachel was her work manager, who was apparently racist, per Junkee. Collins also said that Rachel got fired from her job since H.R. deemed her claims true.


The audio has since been remixed with City Girls' "Act Up" and been featured in thousands of lip-syncing videos. One TikTok user lip-synced the audio to Rachel Green from the show "Friends," played by Jennifer Aniston, and has garnered over 18 million views. Lizzo also participated in the trend, creating a super fun choreography to the remix. Some of our favorites include a bopping bird and an unbothered cat, as trap music — and anger at Rachel — transcends species.