Chic Green Nail Designs You Need To Try

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Green is a nice, earthy color often associated with nature. Who doesn't love a relaxing stroll through the woods, surrounded by green grass and leaves? While many of us first think of the outdoors when we see the color green, Bustle pointed out that green is also associated with finances and security. After all, dollar bills are green. Green pops up a lot in the food world as well, as the color is seen in olives, mint, lettuce, matcha, spinach, pears, limes, and pistachios, so foodies are likely to enjoy this color, too. 

Everyone who loves green is in luck right now, as green nail polish is trending. There are plenty of different hues and shades of green, ranging from very dark to extremely light to wild neons. Some greens feature more blue tints, while others have a stronger yellow influence, as green is a secondary color that beautifully blends blue and yellow. Whether you adore the color or never wear it, we recommend that you try exploring these trendy green nail designs.

Experiment with evergreen

Evergreen is a dark shade of green, perfect for exuding a sophisticated look. Adding this color to your nails will make you appear mature and intelligent, and there are plenty of different designs you can do with evergreen nail polish.

According to Byrdie, evergreen is a great color to use for negative space designs, especially if you have long, almond-shaped nails. The color's dark value will pop in contrast with the negative space, drawing attention to your nails. If negative space isn't your thing, you can add little pops of evergreen nail polish through dots or lines over a light base color, and still get that cool, contrasty effect. Evergreen is also excellent for tie-dye-inspired green looks if you layer it under lighter green shades.

If you're looking to add an evergreen shade to your roster of nail polishes, Ulta currently sells Orly's Breathable Treatment nail polish in this dark green hue for $9.99. The beloved nail polish brand Essie also sells this dark shade of green, which is available at Target.

Experiment with swirls and waves

Swirly, wavy designs are everywhere right now in fashion, makeup, and, of course, nails. According to Allure, the abstract swirl look can come across as psychedelic, '80s-inspired, and even soothing, depending on how you go about creating the look. Green is a wonderful color to use for swirly looks because this fun design will add some life to the traditionally more mature color, which, as mentioned before, is associated with finances, security, and nature.

Swirls can be an excellent way to add contrast to your nails if you implement white into the design, as the green and white will make a classy, eye-catching combination (via ElleCosmopolitan). Or, feel free to add orange waves on another nail for even more contrast, as orange and green are opposites. Even if you don't add any other colors to this style, green swirly nail art will never fail to look stunning.

While going to a nail salon can quickly get you this fun trend, you can add waves to your nails by yourself with the help of online tutorials and tools. Available at Ulta for $11.99 right now, Red Carpet Manicure's Nail Art Took Kit can help you create wavy nail art on your own. If you want a whimsical, bright look, neon or lime green nail polish would be the way to go for this swirly style. Amazon sells Duri Nail Polish in Neon Green, perfect for this playful look.

Fun with green tips

If you have medium-length or long nails, painting the tips green is a fun way to add a pop of color to your nails without painting the entire nail. When it comes to green tips, the options are endless. Sparkle, shimmer, and glitter are significant trends right now, so why not add some green glitter to your nail tips for a dazzling look? If you're looking for something a bit more subtle, you can ease into green tips by doing a classic white French manicure on four of your fingers but making the tips of the ring finger green for an earthy accent. Or, if you like the contrast idea but don't want to use white, try a green and black design at your tips instead for a darker, more intense style.

Since green is so frequently linked to nature, green tips with small floral details would make a beautiful design to explore as well. While you may not be able to create a flower design at home, this might be worth a trip to the nail salon. Or, if you're okay with using decals to get the floral effect, Amazon is currently selling 3 Sheet Flower Art Sticker Decals for $8.99, which have received an impressive 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

We're obsessed with all these green nail designs, and we can't wait to start experimenting with green nail polish!