Aretha Franklin's Granddaughter Opens Up About Her American Idol Rejection

Aretha Franklin was a legend. The deceased superstar's voice was a force on its own that helped push her to heights so great that she earned the title the Queen of Soul. That honorific is well deserved, especially considering how she dominated and shaped the golden age of soul music in the '60s.

Her legacy has proven to be enduring. For instance, her single "Respect" topped the list of "the 500 greatest songs of all time" at Rolling Stone. Franklin was also somewhat of a mysterious figure. It makes sense that a movie, a mini-series, and a documentary all trying to capture the essence of what made her such an enigmatic figure have been recently released (via The New York Times).

Bustle noted that music has played a big role in Franklin's family. It started with her father, and musical talent has been passed down to her sons, too. Most notably, her son Teddy Richards is a guitarist (via Oprah Daily). The preference for music continues to wax strong in her family. Her granddaughter Grace auditioned for "American Idol" this season but sadly didn't get in. Read on to learn what the talented teen thought about her first big tryout.

Aretha Franklin's granddaughter Grace does not plan to audition for American Idol again

Aretha Franklin's granddaughter Grace didn't get past the audition stage on "American Idol." This came as a shock to viewers; even judge Katy Perry did not see it coming. She had a great voice, but the other judges insisted that there was something missing — Lionel Richie actually advised her to "put the shyness behind you" (via Complex).

Appearing with her dad Kecalf Cunningham for an interview with TMZ, the 16-year-old finally spoke about her failed audition. She stated that, although she was disappointed, Richie's advice helped her see the positives of her rejection. She added that she agreed with the judges' decision, and that she was able to get much-needed exposure from the appearance. According to Grace, producers and artists have been reaching out in hopes of collaborating. "I'm a good artist, I know that," she said. "But I do know I need to work on some things." 

However, you likely won't be seeing her face on "American Idol" in the future. She stated that auditioning for the show again was unlikely. The budding star would rather focus on releasing her own music and working on her voice.