Why Amanda Pace Kept Her Financial Status Secret On Joe Millionaire - Exclusive

FOX's new series "Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer" puts an exciting new spin on the 2003 "Joe Millionaire." In this new version, 18 women were invited on a dating show with two eligible bachelors, Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee. The twist is that one of the men is a millionaire while the other is not. However, the contestants were not told which of the men is the wealthy one. Amanda Pace was one of the women competing this season. But, in episode 7, it was revealed that Pace had her own secret about her finances. Just like one of the bachelors, Pace has millions to her name.

During an exclusive interview with The List, Pace explained why she'd tried to keep her wealth quiet on the show. She also discussed what she thought about the men's reactions to learning she's a millionaire and if money is important to her when looking for a partner.

Why Pace worries about being judged or used for money

In Season 1, Episode 7 of "Joe Millionaire" Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee met the women's families when they came for a surprise visit. When they sat down for dinner with Amanda Pace's family, Pace's mother said, "I don't know who has the $10 million here, but how would you feel about my daughter having more than $10 million?" Up to that point on the show, Pace hadn't told either of the men how much money she had and wasn't planning to bring it up.

During her interview, she explained, "I definitely wasn't planning on sharing the money because I feel like in the past ... I work really hard, and I own my own business. Every time I'm working, even if I'm working really hard, if I acknowledge the fact that I have a trust fund or I came from money, people kind of overlook the work." So, instead of having her hard work dismissed, Pace prefers to live humbly and keep her financial status private. Though she said it does come out eventually while she's dating someone, she prefers not bringing it up until later on, especially because she doesn't want anyone dating her for her money. "I'm very aware of red flags ... even if a guy [doesn't] pull out their credit card to buy me coffee or little things, [that's] kind of a red flag for me that they could potentially be using me for money."

How the men reacted to her wealth

Because of past experiences being judged or used for her money, Pace was hesitant to let the men know about her financial status. However, once her mother let the secret out, she got to see how they reacted. Because she had a stronger connection with Kurt Sowers, she was relieved to see his response. "It was really cute seeing the way Kurt reacted ... He really didn't touch on the money. They both were like, 'Yeah, that's great as long as we're all hardworking.'" Pace was glad they didn't get stuck on the money too long, and that most of the weekend was about enjoying each other's company. "More than anything, me and Kurt love to laugh, and so does my family. Seeing them interact like that gave me more clarity that this feels right in the moment," she said.

For Pace, the money and which of the two men is a millionaire was not something she worried about. "It's more about how hardworking the guy is versus how much money or where he comes from. I've dated really rich guys who have come from money handed down and really poor guys," Pace said. "I like a guy that has drive and that really has goals. I think, long term, I want a partner who's going to work together and continue to build the empire that my family left for me."

Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer airs Thursdays on FOX at 8/7c.