Instagram Models Who Could Easily Have Mainstream Modeling Jobs

Many people aspire to enter the modeling world, as modeling appears to be a glamorous career filled with fashion, parties, attention, and travel. While it's a notoriously competitive industry to get into, the bright side is that there are so many different areas of modeling, such as runway, print, showroom, and, thanks to the rise of social media, Instagram modeling.

So what is an Instagram model? Like influencers who typically promote products on social media in exchange for free items or money, Instagram models often collaborate with brands. Rather than big-budget photoshoots with famous photographers set up by agencies, Instagram models typically have a massive collection of followers gained through strategic posting and hashtags and make deals with clothing and makeup brands via DM (per Vice).

Someone on Quora pointed out that Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are excellent examples of the difference between traditional and Instagram modeling. Kendall travels the world to do professional, huge-budget photoshoots and fashion shows for famous brands that are mainly for wealthy people. On the other hand, Kylie often models for more accessible brands from any location she likes as long as the pictures end up on her Instagram page, often marketed toward younger audiences.

While many aspiring models have the end goal of becoming a famous supermodel, some people prefer Instagram modeling.

These models chose to stick to Instagram

While it may sound shocking that anyone with the potential to be a supermodel would be happy sticking to social media, some models like to keep it low-key. Cool Material pointed out Eden Tijerina and Manon Valentin as excellent examples.

Tijerina has a classic beauty that could easily make her appeal to major agents. While she seems to enjoy traveling, she is not signed, and does freelance modeling rather than trying to work with mainstream brands. Her Instagram bio indicates that she is "a little bit dark," and many of her photos have a sexual, gothic feel. While her face looks like it was made for a magazine cover, Instagram is a place where she can be her seductive, intense self.

Although she looks like she can model for any big-name brand, French Instagram model Valentin doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. She currently has less than 10,000 followers and refers to herself as a "comedian" in her bio. Many of her posts have an unpolished, grunge aesthetic, making us think that she may prefer the freedom of Instagram modeling over being molded by photographers and directors.

According to Forbes, Sommer Ray, a famous Instagram model, focuses on fitness, her personality, and a healthy way of life rather than getting plastic surgery or trying to be a traditional model. With over 26 million Instagram followers, she could easily make it into the mainstream modeling game, but she doesn't seem to want that.

These are some more stunning Instagram models

We couldn't stop there, as there are plenty more beautiful Instagram models who deserve recognition. According to Swagger Magazine, Jen Selter, Jessica Wilde, and Nicole Mejia are some of the moment's hottest Instagram models. Selter's a beautiful brunette with over 12 million followers. She seems passionate about fitness, as her bio points out that she's a trainer, and many of her posts involve her working out, showing off her fit body, and wearing athleisure. Looking at her story highlights, she also seems interested in cooking, mental health, family, and travel.

Anyone who likes an edgy look should follow Wilde, who's covered in unique tattoos. Wilde hosts the Inked Magazine Cover Girl contest and has a successful YouTube channel. Mejia is another Insta model with a passion for fitness. She currently has a million followers and gives an honest, approachable vibe. Mejia also created the Luly Community for women interested in health and spirituality.

The Trend Spotter also pointed out some stunning Instagram models: Anastasia Karanikolaou, Denise Mercedes, and Nyakim Gatwech. Every single one of Karanikolaou's posts looks like a magazine cover, which is probably why she has 10.8 million followers right now. Anyone who's looking for a body-positive Instagram model to follow should go check out Mercedes' page, as she founded #becauseitsmybody and #stylenotsize. Last but not least, Gatwech, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Dark," has a breathtaking page filled with eye-catching posts.

We admire all of these incredible Instagram models!