The 'Here Comes The Boy' Tiktok Audio, Explained

TikTok may have become a popular platform for influencers to share their dance routines and comedy skits, but it's also become a haven for animal lovers. Some animals are so popular that they've even become influencers themselves, as entertainment site Dexerto notes. These include the talking dog Bunny, the angry pup Pudgywoke, Matilda the ferret (who has a staggering 13.5 million followers), and an Indian Ringneck bird called Hamlet.

These loving pets may not own the platform outright, but now and again people's pets or familiar animals of a neighborhood get their time to shine – which has certainly been a case in point for a certain feline called Mashed Potatoes. And if you've been wondering why you've been hearing the particular soundbite "Here comes the boy" on so many videos lately, Mashed Potatoes is the one responsible. That and his neighbor, who sings the song when he comes to visit them.

"Here comes the boy" has even reached Spotify

Originally posted by TikTok user @june_banoon, the video shows a majestic cat called Mashed Potatoes walking up a driveway to be greeted by June singing, "Here comes the boy, hello boy. Welcome. There he is. He is here." The video itself wracked up over 6.1 million views within a week according to Know Your Meme, and as of now, it's garnered just over 9.4 million views (and counting). Many TikTok users have recreated the scene with their own pets, but the meme has since spread to other social media platforms like Twitter (via Insider) where it's being used to celebrate fictional characters and celebrities.

Not only that, but some TikTok users have been remixing and stitching together their own musical accompaniments to June's melody, including the likes of @julian.ferretti and @alexfromsf. Adding music to the "Here Comes the Boy" audio has become so popular in fact, that musician First World Citizen uploaded a 46-second track to Spotify in 2021, which currently has over 22,000 listens so far.