If You're A Libra, This Is The House Plant You Should Get

People born under the air sign of Libra tend to place a great deal of importance on harmony and aesthetic beauty (via Allure). As such, the home of a Libra is their ultimate sanctuary of harmony and peace, tranquility and beauty. They tend to have a very particular style all their own, and they always have an eye out for anything that can bring more balance and beauty to their space.  


Houseplants are a wonderful way to make your living space not just healthier (by cleaning the air you breathe), but also more peaceful and happier. Studies show that just looking at a houseplant in your home can boost your mood (via NBC). 

As a Libra, this might appeal to you. So which types of house plants are most likely to speak to your particular needs and preferences as the beauty and harmony-loving air sign? Astrologers have some specific ideas on the subject. 

The best plants for a Libra's home

When choosing which type of plant to bring into your home, Libra, astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Better Homes and Gardens that she has the perfect choice all picked out for you. She feels that a hanging basket filled with a delicate, lovely plant called string of pearls would be a perfect fit for Libra's love of balance and magical-feeling spaces. In fact, she says if you really want to create a perfect balance (and even mimic the look of the scales that represent your sign), you could get two of these. To keep string of pearls happy, hang it in a spot with partial light and just water when the top of the soil starts to feel dry. 


Meanwhile, The Spruce says that Libra's affinity for sophisticated style and their love of peace and calm would align perfectly with peace lilies. These lovely, white flowering plants match virtually any decor, are versatile, calming, and fairly easy to care for (which is great because we know how packed your calendar is, Libra). Plus, as their name would suggest, they are symbolic of peace and harmony, two things you value highly.