Amy Smart Of Tyson's Run Wants To Make A Just Friends Sequel - Exclusive

"Just Friends" feels like it came out just yesterday. Believe it or not, it's been over 15 years since we last saw Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart star together in the film. 

Even while Smart has taken on tons of other projects since its premiere in 2005, acting as Jamie is the role she still gets recognized the most for today. Just this week, "I was at a restaurant, and the guy who was our server recognized me," she said during an exclusive interview with The List. "And he wanted to sing the 'Jamie Smile' song to me from 'Just Friends.'"

"Just Friends" is certainly a film that has gone down in rom com history. Over the years, there have even been rumors that a sequel is in the works with Reynolds' character Chris. "I personally haven't heard it myself," Smart admitted, but it's something she'd love to be a part of if it ever happens.

Even Amy Smart wants to know what Chris and Jamie's future holds

We have so many questions after watching "Just Friends" on repeat all these years. What was Chris and Jamie's wedding like? How many babies did they end up having? Did they stay and settle down in New Jersey? Amy Smart is up for exploring their story even further. "I would definitely be up for a sequel," she told The List, so who do we need to call to make "Just Friends 2" happen?

If we never do get to see the rest of Chris and Jamie's love story, being able to turn to the classic film again and again is something we will be able to do for all of eternity. Some fans are even just discovering the hilarious film today. "The beauty about film and TV is that it keeps living on, and it keeps repeating and showing itself," Smart told us. "Even making something before someone was born, and then they see, and it's so exciting, because they see it for the first time."

Even so, a sequel would still be nice. "I hope that would happen someday," she said.

Amy Smart's newest film "Tyson's Run" is now playing in theaters.