These Are The Best Essential Oils For Your Libido

If you don't have a personal collection of essential oils, it's definitely something that you should strongly consider investing in. Not only do a lot of them smell amazing (and last longer than many perfumes that are on the market), they have a solid reputation for doing everything from boosting your mood and decreasing your stress levels to improving the quality of your skin and hair and relieving headaches and inflammation.


There's something else that essential oils are really good at as well — enhancing the quality of your sex life. That's right. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to boost your libido or intensify your sexual pleasure, essential oils are a scientifically proven, easy, and affordable way to do it. So, whether it's by putting some oil into a diffuser, sprinkling a bit on your bedding, or applying it directly to your body, you can use essential oils to take intimacy to a whole 'nother level! 

Clary sage oil balances hormones

Even if you aren't going through actual menopause yet, perimenopause can happen anywhere from two to 10 years before menopause begins (via Johns Hopkins Medicine). One of the signs of this particular season in life is your estrogen levels can drop, which can result in irregular cycles and shorter periods.


Another thing that can transpire when your estrogen levels are all over the place is it can lower your libido. This is where the essential oil clary sage can be of benefit to you. Aside from the fact that Healthline shares that it's high in antioxidants, great for oral health, and can even lower your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, it's also an oil that can help to reduce menstrual pain and balance out your hormones. The more balanced your hormones are, the more you'll feel like your regular self — both in and out of the bedroom.

Rose oil reduces stress and anxiety

As far as romance goes, rose essential oil is a wonderful complement because it's very soft and feminine smelling. As far as health benefits go (via Organic Facts), you might be surprised to learn that it's an oil that helps to eliminate bacteria, ease menstrual discomfort, heal wounds, relieve muscle spasms, and help to reduce anxiety. 


Why it makes the libido-boosting list is because, since the properties in rose oil are so good at decreasing anxiety and stress, it can help men to maintain an erection for longer. And the more relaxed you are, the more your body is able to get — and keep — you in a sexual mood. Something else that's great to know about this particular oil is you can purchase it or you can make it from the comfort and convenience of your own home with rose petals, oil, and a saucepan (via HGTV).

Bergamot essential oil gives you more energy

If you're not exactly familiar with bergamot oil, it comes from the bergamot orange, which means that, yes, it has a bit of a citrusy scent to it. WebMD states that this oil is beneficial to your overall health and well-being because it's great at lowering cholesterol levels, helping joint pain, and even easing depression-related symptoms. You might want to consider using bergamot oil for bedroom purposes because one, it can help to put you and yours into a better mood and two, it's proven to give you a boost of energy if "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak," so to speak. 


Since the National Sleep Foundation reports that most Americans say that they feel sleepy at least three times a week, you can probably see how wanting to have sex yet not having the energy to do it can be the reason why a lot of folks have it less than they would like to. If you're one of them, bergamot could be just the remedy that you've been looking for — it's definitely one of the essential oils you need to get a better sleep.

Sandalwood oil increases sexual desire

It makes a lot of sense why many men enjoy the scent of sandalwood because it's kind of woodsy in its aroma (which could make for a great back massage). Sandalwood's benefits are pretty impressive because they include things like providing mental clarity and reducing inflammation, and — thanks to its astringent, antiviral, and antiseptic properties — sandalwood is pretty potent when it comes to helping to heal pimples, mild surface-level wounds, and even herpes simplex viruses (both 1 and 2), according to Dr. Axe


Interestingly enough, what it probably has the biggest reputation for is being an aphrodisiac. That's right. Sandalwood has been scientifically proven to increase psychological arousal, as noted by a study in Planta Medica. It's also been able to help men who may struggle with erectile dysfunction. 

Since it's another kind of essential oil that is known to be a de-stressor, it certainly couldn't hurt to give it a shot. Just make sure that you go with a brand that is 100% grade, so you can get all of the benefits that you're after when using it.

Jasmine makes you feel sensual and uplifts your mood

If you know even a little bit about essential oils and how they can improve your sex life, you've probably seen jasmine oil on every list that you've come across. The sweet floral scent of this oil is really seductive — so much so that it's easy to forget all of the other ways that it can benefit your overall health and well-being. 


Healthline shared that jasmine oil is wonderful because it can help to calm your nervous system, it contains potent antiseptic properties, it can soothe an annoying cough, it helps to decrease menopause-related symptoms, and it contains sedative-related properties. Sexually, jasmine is an ultimate go-to because its scent is so alluring that it encourages sexual stimulation in both men and women. So, if you're planning for a hot night, go without your usual perfume. Instead, spray on a bit of jasmine oil. You won't regret it.

Vanilla oil boosts oxytocin and dopamine levels

There are four different natural chemicals that are typically present during sexual activity, as noted by Balanced Well-Being Healthcare. There's dopamine, which creates feelings of pleasure. There's the hormone oxytocin, which literally bonds you to your partner (which is why it has the nickname "the love hormone"). There's serotonin that helps you to feel happy and like all is right in the world. There are also endorphins that help to release any sort of physical discomfort. When it comes to vanilla oil, it helps to increase both your dopamine and oxytocin levels, which can help to intensify sexual pleasure and satisfaction overall. 


Some other awesome things about vanilla oil is it reduces muscle-related discomfort, eases PMS symptoms, lowers blood pressure, and can serve as an antidepressant too (via Dr. Axe). And when you really stop to think about how all of these things can affect copulation, one way or another, it's definitely an essential oil that can make sex better for you in more ways than just one.

Citrus scents increase blood circulation

Bergamot has already been mentioned as an oil that has a citrusy smell to it. However, it's not the only kind that falls into this category. Essential oils like lemon, lime, mandarin, grapefruit, and sweet orange all contain their own distinct scents and health-related benefits. For instance, lemon oil is good because it can help with cognition and improve the quality of your skin (via Healthline). Grapefruit oil is great because it can help keep your mood in check and aid in weight loss (via Healthline). 


And what do any of these oils do for your sexually? Something that they all have in common is they have properties that can help to increase blood circulation. Steady blood flow throughout the body is always a good thing. When it comes to your lower region, it can help to keep men's erections strong and can increase vaginal lubrication and heighten your arousal.

Cinnamon oil fights erectile dysfunction

Another essential oil that's a good idea to readily have in your stash is cinnamon oil. As far as your overall health and well-being, it helps to decrease inflammation, reduce blood sugar levels, strengthen your immunity, ward off infections, and reduce any bad that you may have in your system, as noted by Dr. Axe. When it comes to your libido, cinnamon oil is a winner for a few different reasons too. For one thing, it's been known to assist men with relief from erectile dysfunction


Another plus is it has a naturally sweet flavor that also feels warm to the skin, which can make for a really sensual massage oil ingredient. And since it's another oil that increases blood flow throughout the body, if you're looking for something that won't just help to set the mood but will elevate it once you get there, this is an oil that rarely disappoints. (It's also one that could stand to be diluted a bit because a little goes a very long way.)

Peppermint oil intensifies orgasms

If you've got a headache, try some peppermint oil. Joints feel uncomfortable? Try some peppermint oil, as noted by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Want to reduce muscle spasms, freshen your breath, stop itchy skin, and potentially alleviate digestive issues? Peppermint can help to make that happen. It's one of the essential oils you're not using but should be.


It's also an essential oil that's pretty impressive in the sex department. One reason is because it helps to boost blood circulation to every part of your body (via Healthline). The more blood that's flowing down there, the more intensified your orgasms will be. Plus, the menthol that's in this particular kind of oil helps to create a tingling sensation that can actually "trigger" multiple orgasms (via Everyday Health).

As a heads up, if you're going to use it on or around private parts, please make sure to dilute it first with an oil like sweet almond, coconut, or jojoba. You don't need a ton of drops whenever menthol is involved. You want to have a good time, but you don't want to irritate your skin in the process. Always keep that in mind.


A pumpkin and lavender oil blend is amazing

It would be really interesting to know who decided one day to mix the scent of pumpkin and lavender together to see what it would actually do. Separately, both oils are impressive. Healthline states that pumpkin oil helps your urinary tract health, can help to strengthen your heart, and is even known to directly attribute to healthy hair growth. Lavender? It's the ultimate relaxant, as noted by Medical News Today, and one of the best essential oils for anxiety. Some other perks are it can soothe an upset stomach, help to treat insomnia, and fight off fungal infections. When these two oils are mixed together, though, they are a powerful aphrodisiac for men. 


So much, in fact, that there are numerous studies that say that the scent combo can increase penile blood flow by as much as a whopping 40%, according to the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons! The more you know.