Danielle Busby's Recent Post About Her Identical Twins Has Fans Feeling Emotional

Danielle Busby first made her way into the living rooms of people everywhere via television screen when she appeared on TLC's "Outdaughtered" (via IMDb). The series follows Danielle and her husband, Adam, as they navigate their lives raising six Busby daughters. The couple has been together since they met in 2006 while both working at a Target location (via In Touch Weekly), and it was all but love at first sight. Adam's first words to his future wife were "hey, beautiful," and the couple has been smitten with each other ever since. In the years between the day the couple said "I do" and "Outdaughtered"s premiere in 2016, the pair welcomed six daughters together. Their eldest daughter, Blayke, is the only child of theirs who is not part of a set of quintuplets. Blayke was born in 2011, and the quintuplets came later in 2015 (via Country Living).

"Outdaughtered's" quintuplets — Olivia, Ava, Hazel, Parker, and Riley — ultimately made fans pay attention to the Busby family. Two of the quintuplets in particular have a special quality that makes them stand out among their siblings. Olivia and Ava Busby are identical twins among their fraternal siblings. In a rare occurrence, reality television star Danielle gave birth to a set of quintuplets that included one set of identical twins.

The siblings aren't an ordinary set of quints

Danielle Busby's twins, Olivia and Ava, interestingly shared a sac in the womb while their sisters did not (via Romper). While all of the Busby siblings share a close bond, the twins share a special bond. On March 12, 2022, Danielle shared an emotional tribute to her twins and the bond they share on her Instagram account. She wrote, "It's so interesting to me to have identical twins in the mix of the quints. They have an extra special bond that's funny sometimes." She continued, "Like this moment... it's only these two that could care less if the other was squishing the other. They literally are laying on top of each other, cuddling so close to me."

Busby always makes clear how much her family means to her. "It only takes a quick glance at something like this picture to remind me how incredibly blessed I am," her post continued. "I get flashback to the days when they were in the NICU and all I wanted to do was hold them, but couldn't. I'll never take for granted these little moments... it honestly brings tears to my eyes."

Fans shared their equally emotional responses. Tons of followers gushed about how beautiful and blessed the family is, and one user even said, "I am blown away!" at the realization that the quintuplets included a set of identical twins. "It is super crazy, fascinating and so special. Thank you for sharing them with us," another user commented, while someone else simply said, "Blessed Mama. Blessed family," with a heart eyes emoji. Fans can't get enough!