This Grocery Hack Will Save You Time And Bags

Budget-friendly grocery shopping can be a great way to cut your food costs, so it's easy to see why an increasing number of shoppers have been flocking to discount stores like Costco and Aldi for their shopping. While these kinds of stores are great for keeping shopping costs low, without compromising on food quality, there's still one problem. Many shoppers still struggle with carting all of their shopping from the store to their cars, and from their cars to their homes. Conversely, if you happen to live in a big city or you don't have a car, grocery shopping can mean several blocks of lugging home food bags. It's exhausting work, not to mention it's incredibly time consuming!

But the good news, according to Kitchn, is that there's an ingenious hack that's sure to save you time! The trick for making grocery shopping a breeze involves an unexpected household item, but chances are you already have one lying around. Per TODAY, it's a smart solution that has already gone viral on TikTok — and it's easy to see why. If you're wondering how to make your grocery shopping experience a little quicker and lot less stressful, read on. The hack below is so simple, yet so effective.

This grocery shopping hack involves a super common household item

Per Kitchn, all you'll need for this useful grocery shopping hack is a laundry basket. Let's forget all the time you spent hauling your grocery bags from the supermarket to your car, and then into the kitchen of your home. Costco and Aldi shoppers alike are raving about using a laundry basket to carry all of your groceries at once. 

The hack went live thanks to a TikTok user, who wanted to share his best grocery shopping experience with the world, via TODAY. According to the video, you'll want to go about your shopping with a cart (per usual) and load your groceries to be scanned once you're done shopping. But instead of waiting for an employee to bag your goods, simply stash them in the cart and take them back to the car, where you'll ideally have a laundry basket (or two) waiting. When you get home, simply carry the laundry basket(s) to the kitchen — and voilà! The idea might be simple, but the premise is genius. And don't fret if you don't happen to have a laundry basket handy. Kitchn recommends that you opt for a large reusable bag instead — which most supermarkets now sell — or even a spare cardboard box. Happy shopping!