Retro Hairdos That Age Women The Most

While each of us have very different expectations and tastes for our hair, beauty, and clothing looks, the reality is, very few of us would like to look older. While we absolutely love the idea of looking our own age and loving every minute of it — including those amazing laugh lines and crow's feet from smiling — we would prefer not to look older than we actually are. That said, opting for on-trend makeup, hair, and clothing looks that are extra-flattering and stylish will always be a plus in our eyes!

So, where to start? First up is choosing clothing that fits well: Your best bet is investing in quality pieces you'll wear over and over again, whether reaching for gauzy midi dresses in the summer, or wool sweaters in gorgeous hues with denim in the wintertime. For makeup, anything that makes you look fresh-faced and dewy is always a win, so try face oils, sheer foundation or tinted SPF, shimmery highlighter, cream blush, bronzer, and a hydrating lip oil or gloss. Once that's done, all that's left is hair to complete your youthful look — and there are tons of mistakes to avoid. Here are all the hairstyles that may age you.

Long hairstyles that make you look older

Although long hair is often associated with youthfulness, it can actually age you. While we often associate an "older" look with short hair, that's not necessarily the case. You should be wary of looking dated no matter your chosen hairstyle or length, and in reality — long hair can age you even more than short hair. 

As explained by Luxy Hair, your hair can definitely be too long, no matter your age. That being said, as we get older, that only becomes more true. Celebrity hair stylist Mitch Stone told the outlet, "once hair has passed your ribs, it is officially making you look older." You might have always worn your hair long since you were younger, and couldn't think to chop it all off. Not to fret: You don't have to cut too much off, either. Simply trimming it to a few inches past your shoulders should do the trick, and give your hair much more body and movement. Cutting it in face-framing layers will make you look more youthful, and will have the added benefit of making your hair look much more healthy, too. A nice cut will trim off any split ends, making hair look more voluminous and shiny to boot.

Another hairdo to avoid at all costs? A Farrah Fawcett-style cut with layers throughout your whole hair. As stylist Shreeda Tailor told Best Life, "a dated hairstyle can age a woman — like feathered bangs from the '80s." 

Short haircuts that may age you

Of course, while longer hair is a common culprit for making you look older, short hair can do the same. Stylists agree that long hair usually ages women mostly because it can often be shapeless, which isn't a very flattering look. By contrast, layers can result in a more defined bone structure, and can bring your entire look up by around 100 notches. Short hair can be great for making sure you have a fun cut full of definition, but extremely short pixie cuts will rob you of those gorgeous face-framing layers.

It's no secret face-framing haircuts are gorgeous, and highlight your bone structure, while keeping the attention all on you (via So while a mid-length cut with tons of layers should be your new go-to when you hit the beauty salon, a very short haircut will do just the opposite. Since short hair is all up top, you miss out on layers, body, definition, and extra volume around the face that can make you look more youthful. As explained by Best Life, short haircuts put everything on display, which can be a good thing, but may also leave wrinkles with nowhere to hide. 

If you do opt for short hair, it's best to keep it simple: As stylist Marc Zelno told Best Life, "if you have an older woman who's lost some volume, the layering should be kept to a minimum."

While blond hair is gorgeous, bleaching too light could age you

While the debate is still up on whether or not people with blond hair have more fun, surprisingly enough, it can be aging factor in your beauty look. While we often associate blond hair with youth, and it truly can light up a face, people should tread with caution when using the hair color to look younger. Blond hair can be absolutely gorgeous, whether it is natural or dyed, but it must be flattering to your skin tone and not be too light. If you don't get it absolutely right, bright blond hair can actually age you more than you think.

As per Best Life, blond hair that is too light for you can make you look older, especially if painting the hue over graying areas. Stylist Marc Zelno explained, "The biggest misconception older women have is that their hair has to be lighter." He continued, "Over-highlighting their hair when they get older tends to make them look older instead of younger." Something else to keep in mind? If you do opt to stick with blond and you have a warmer skin tone, go for a golden or honey blond instead of icier champagne hues. Cool-toned blond hair may wash you out (via Brightside). 

Bleaching your hair can sometimes lead to extra dryness and brittle ends, which commonly make people look older, too (via It's Rosy).

These hairstyles from years past are actually aging you

While we might not always realize it, our sense of pop culture is extremely tied into our age. While people from generations past once looked to icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn for the most fashionable way to curl hair and what lipstick shade to swipe on, we look to very different figures today (even though we'll always live for the classics). Still, you may still be looking at iconic haircuts from the '90s and early '00s that are more dated than you realize.

As described by Luxy Hair, you should definitely avoid any hairdo that was fashionable years ago, whether we're talking about the aforementioned Farrah Fawcett's extreme layers, or the "Rachel" haircut made famous by Jennifer Aniston on "Friends." While these hair styles will always be gorgeous in their own nostalgic way, they also look very dated. You should instead opt for something fresh, modern, and youthful.

Another haircut you should probably avoid? Anything that incorporates longer layers in the front with short, spikier layers in the back, which was ubiquitous in the early '00s (via It's Rosy). Everyone should avoid this look, really.

Other hair mistakes to avoid if you don't want to look older

There are still other hair mistakes to avoid if you want to make sure your style is not aging you, and you are keeping everything as youthful and fresh as possible. 

First up, we have the haircut made famous by Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, who has sported a stark, short haircut with thick bangs her entire career. While the haircut definitely works for Wintour, it is notoriously difficult to pull off, and can be aging. According to Best Life, a short, jaw-length chop with no layers and thick bangs is usually not flattering, and is a top aging hairdo. Why? This haircut actually puts all the focus on your eyes and jaw, which can age you far more than longer, face-framing layers that simply light up your entire face. 

Another hair mistake you should avoid at all costs if wanting to look younger? Lack of volume. A big dose of volume at the crown of your hair up until the ends is all about vitality, dazzling energy, and sensuality. By contrast, no volume up top can look flat and lifeless. As per Luxy Hair, flat hairdos age you, making your face look longer and putting wrinkles or fine lines on display. According to It's Rosy, lack of volume can also look harsh, so tease hair for more movement.