The Most Expensive Pets In The World

If you love animals, chances are you might already have a pet. If that's the case you may have an adorable Labradoodle that follows you everywhere and loves beach days and socializing with humans and animals alike — or you might have a fluffy Persian cat that slinks around your home with an equal mix of independence, laziness, and yes, cuteness. By contrast, you might have a much more unexpected pet altogether, which can range from exotic fish in a large tank, or other options like lizards, snakes, or even birds like cockatoos or canaries. Whatever your pet situation is like at home, you surely have one that might have been expensive, but may not have cost an arm and a leg. With that being said, we've just found out about the most expensive pets in the world, and we are flipping out!

Buying animals at a pet shop or breeder is always a pricey task — leaving many to recommend simply adopting at a shelter instead, which of course saves the life of your future pet and is an all-around incredible option. Still, there are people who prefer a certain breed, and that means you probably have to buy your pet outright, which is costly. If you already thought your French bulldog or Poodle was pricey enough, prepare to be shocked at the most expensive pets in the world. Some of these animals cost more than most cars!

The Bengal cat and Savannah cat are both seriously pricey

If you've always adored cats and sit squarely on team feline, then you may be surprised at the most expensive cats in the world. While people usually associate kitties with the kind you see pacing around the street (oftentimes becoming adopted by people simply by frequenting their house for food), there are of course luxury cats, too. You usually won't find these kinds of cats ready to be adopted, because they are bred by professionals and cost thousands of dollars due to their rarity. These felines are pricey – and for that reason, have become a clear status symbol for many.

First off, Bengal cat: According to Pet Keen, this kind of cat is the result of crossing hybrid kitty breeds like the Egyptian Mau and the Asian Leopard cat. This kind of cat has striped fur, making it look like a tiger, which gives it its stunning popularity. While they may look like wild animals, they are domesticated with a sweet nature and love being extremely active too (via Business Insider). This cat breed costs anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 (via Pet Keen).

Still, there are more expensive cats. The Savannah cat costs a whopping $20,000 (yes you read that right!) and is a cross between a domestic cat and an African serval (via Wealthy Gorilla). They look exotic but are strikingly sweet, and are so pricey because the mating process is notoriously difficult to achieve (via Newsweek).

If you like snakes, these are the most expensive ones many can buy

By contrast, you might not love furry animals at all and may prefer reptiles. If snakes are more your game, you may already have a standard corn snake at home, which make amazing pets for their temperament (via Snakes For Pets). Still, just like with cats, there are some exotic snakes out there, with a jaw-dropping, truly expensive price tag to match. Like with all exotic pets, you pay for their rarity – but let's just say these prices are shocking.

While we'll always love the standard snakes we have at home, we can hardly believe the sheer gorgeousness of the pastel butter stripe ball python. This characteristically yellow snake hails from West Africa and is a kind of ball python that many people have as pets today. But keep in mind that this ball python is very different, and it is extremely rare to achieve the defined markings and coloring it is known for. Rarity means exclusivity, and that means it's expensive – this snake costs around $7,500 (via Business Insider). It grows to 5 feet and lives up to 30 years.

Alternatively, you have the lavender albino ball python, another variation that brings a lilac coloring into the mix. A recessive mutation — breeding them takes up to a year, and they don't sexually mature until they are 2 to 3 years old, making the process seriously expensive (via Newsweek). Incredibly enough, these snakes cost up to $40,000 (via Wealthy Gorilla).

You'll be shocked at the most expensive dogs in the world

Cats and snakes aren't the only species that have expensive, exclusive breeds to their name – while dogs are decidedly more playful and even low-key, there are canines that cost more than some homes. While that sounds unbelievable, it is true!

First, allow us to introduce you to one of the fluffiest dogs in existence — it's reminiscent of a cozy white bed and is known as the Samoyed. Whether or not you've heard of it, the Samoyed is loved throughout the world and is known for being gentle, sweet, extremely smart, loyal to their family, and great even with the little ones (via Dog Time). A medium-sized pooch at up to around 65 pounds, this dog is sought after for its high energy and natural smile and hails from the Samoyedic people in the Siberian region (via AKC). According to Luxatic, this dog breed can run you up to $14,000, and people simply can't resist its fluffy white coat and loving nature.

While the Samoyed is already expensive enough in our eyes, there's a canine that's far more expensive out there. The red purebred Tibetan mastiff is arguably the priciest dog in the world. It usually goes for $582,000, but one was once sold in 2011 at an auction for $1.5 million (via Wealthy Gorilla). These are amazing yet pricey guard dogs, strikingly rare, independent, and yes – very fluffy (via Newsweek).

Interested in birds? These cost thousands of dollars

Common pet birds are usually species like parakeets and cockatoos – not exotic birds that often require much more upkeep. Still, some people are interested in the exotic bird market and are willing to fork over thousands of dollars to buy one. It is important to note that like with all exotic pets, they should only be bought by someone who is deeply educated on the species, preferably even a professional. While the debate is still out on the ethical components of having birds like these, people still buy them – and let's just say they are very expensive.

The hyacinth macaw is known for its striking, royal blue color that may just remind you of the movie "Rio." According to Wealthy Gorilla, it is the largest parrot and is notorious for its mix of bright blue and marigold. They are said to be trainable and sweet to owners, but are high-maintenance to care for and can be loud – they also can grow to a 60-inch wingspan and live for a whopping 50 years (so this pet is for life!) (via Luxatic). These beautiful birds cost $14,000 and are also expensive to maintain year after year.

The palm cockatoo is another luxury bird, with a large mohawk, slightly aggressive nature, and a life expectancy of up to 90 years (via Luxatic). Originally from New Guinea, they have a slow breeding cycle (making them rare) and can cost up to $16,000 (via Business Insider).

These unexpected pets are extremely expensive

There are a few other pricey pets that are far more unexpected. Yes, you don't necessarily have to end up with a fluffy canine as a pet – you can go for something that's decidedly rarer, and definitely noteworthy. Still, these pets will cost you a pretty penny!

You have probably seen micro pigs more frequently in the last years, with people opening up to the idea of having a small pig in the home just like they would have a dog, cat, or rabbit. While this idea might have seemed unheard-of in the early 2000s, micro pigs have become much more ubiquitous in the past few years. Still, they are expensive to buy and maintain. As explained by Wealthy Gorilla, micro pigs can run you around $2,000, which while less expensive than the other pets on this list, is still pretty pricey – especially when regular feeder pigs cost just around $60 to $100 (via Little Pig Farm). These are "designer" pigs, with scientists deactivating a growth hormone receptor gene so they stay small (via The Dodo) — and are able to run around your home just like your Poodle.

If you like insects, why not try the stag beetle?  Although they often only live up to two years, a breeder in Japan once sold one for $89,000 (via Luxatic).