Inspiring Makeup Ideas If Your Favorite Color Is Yellow

We all have hobbies, and they can differ widely. But some of us love makeup. If that's you, you're probably a self-professed beauty junkie (count us in!). Makeup allows us to transform our faces on a daily basis, and can be a total game changer at shifting our mood on a daily basis. Even if you wake up on the wrong side of bed one day, a swipe of red lipstick can change everything, and lift your spirits. Colorful mascara has a similar effect, just like "Euphoria"-style glitter and sequins speckled along cheekbones or as eyeshadow, and bubblegum gloss. For the best mood-lifting makeup effects, it's easiest to start squarely with your favorite color.

While we love all the colors in the rainbow and still dream of an eyeshadow palette with every single shade in the world, we have to admit we do sometimes play favorites when it comes to the color wheel. Sure, candy apple red for lips is always a yes, and electric blue looks surprisingly amazing as pop art-inspired geometric eyeliner. But there's just something about instantly joyful, sunny yellow. Here are the best yellow makeup looks out there you can try at home!

The sunniest, brightest yellow eyeshadow looks

First up, you absolutely need to try yellow eyeshadow stat. While marigold might be your absolute favorite color in the world, not many of us instantly associate yellow with eye makeup. For whatever reason, many tend to think of other shades for eyeshadow, starting with neutrals like taupe, brown, nude, and gray to slightly more unexpected shades like plums, pinks, blues, and metallics like gold and silver. Yellow may just be the last color many people think about when deciding on an eyeshadow shade, and it's a shame: Yellow eye makeup is an instant mood lifter, and practically turns your eyes into two super-radiant suns shining back at the world!

If opting for yellow shadow, keep the color flattering to your skin tone: As per Byrdie, fair skin looks best in cooler pastel yellows; olive tones look amazing in golden shades, and darker skin pops against basically any shade of yellow. This color isn't as difficult to pull off in makeup looks as some people may think, and can bring a sense of warmth and pep to your day-to-day — especially those dreaded rainy mornings. Step your foot out the door with a smile on your face by swiping on a highly pigmented, bright yellow shadow and pairing it with a neutral lip. Another option? Cat-eye liner adds extra definition to otherwise pale yellow shadow, and choosing a liner in a contrasting color like blue will get countless compliments.

If you prefer not to go for full yellow eyeshadow, a swipe of sunny eyeliner works

Conversely, you might be a little wary of grabbing your favorite eyeshadow brush and blending marigold or mustard all over your lid. While yellow eyeshadow can be a gorgeous, modern look, you might prefer something more subtle — and decidedly geometric. If a full-on lemon shadow look just isn't for you, or you want something that works well for your day-to-day errands or work, say hello to yellow eyeliner instead.

If yellow is your favorite color, swiping on some bright canary eyeliner will put an immediate smile on your face. Even better? This makeup look works incredibly well even if you're not a makeup application expert, and may feel easier (and faster) than blending out a shadow. According to Stylecaster, yellow liner is always a fantastic bet, and works well on all skin tones. It is practically happiness in a pencil, and will look amazing whether you opt for a pastel or punchy neon lemon shade.

Yellow eyeliner looks absolutely amazing when swiped in the crease as part of the "floating eyeliner trend" that looks completely different whether your eyes are opened or closed. You can draw the eyeliner in the classic sense along the waterline, as a unique take on a cat-eye, or combined with yellow shadow for a more intense look (via Byrdie).

And for the daring, there's always a pop of yellow lipstick

Last, one of the most unexpected yellow makeup looks out there: yellow lipstick. You might think that there's no way you could pull marigold lipstick off, since it is so different from your standard cherry-hued lips, bubblegum pink gloss, creamy nudes, or even brown and wine-colored lippies. Yes, lemon-colored lipstick is unique to say the least, but that doesn't mean you can't look amazing in it.

If you see red lipstick as an instant mood lifter, may we present its bright and fun cousin? Yellow lipstick is a quick pop of sunshine no matter where you go, and it invites you to be extra inventive and creative with your makeup looks. Not for the faint of heart, fashion runways use yellow lips to make a bold statement, so follow suit and try a geometric look by only painting on half of your bottom lip. If going for this look, it might be best to start with a yellow lip liner to make it extra stark and dramatic.

As Marie Claire explains, yellow lipstick is becoming more and more popular, and looks especially fantastic on warm skin tones. It's also amazing in a rainbow lip look: Makeup expert Sean Lim told the outlet, "Yellow is great for layering as it allows you to mix and match to create an ombré lip or a new shade."