12 Spring Beauty Trends Everyone Should Try In 2022

Whether you're someone who proudly stays up to date on the hottest fashion and beauty trends, or you just happened to be curious about the latest spring looks, you've come to the right place. We'll be sharing some of the most popular beauty looks that you will be seeing just about everywhere this year.


What's really cool about each and every one of these looks is they're the kinds of trends that work well for everyone, regardless of their age or even personal style preference. It's all about accessing the look, figuring out how to apply it to your personal style preference, and then stepping out looking more beautiful than ever!

As a bonus, all of these beauty trends are easy to create, and pretty affordable as well. So, if you're ready to step out in style this spring season, here are 12 ways to totally make that happen.

Face and Body Glitter

If you just read "body glitter" and thought to yourself, "How '90s," you would be exactly right! Like a lot of blast-from-the-past fashion and beauty trends, glitter is one of those things that is making its way back around in a very big way. According to Glamour UK, we've got TikTok to thank for making this such a widespread look.


If you're thinking to yourself, "That seems a little too over-the-top for me," the awesome thing about glitter is there are all kinds of ways to wear it. You can put it on like eyeshadow at night. You can spray some glitter (or bronzer) on during the day. You can purchase lipstick that has a subtle glittery effect to it, or even put a little glitter in your hair (via Who What Wear). At the end of the day, you get to control how much — or little — you want to apply, which is part of what makes this particular spring beauty trend so illuminating.

Super Sleek Hair

What exactly does it mean to have "sleek" hair? At the end of the day, sleek hair looks a lot like hair that is still wet and is laid down, as closely as possible, to your head — and yes, this sleek look is another trend that is huge this spring. Cosmopolitan says that whether it's a low bun, a braided ponytail, or some other look you're after, it's essential that you have the right products to create this look, including hair gel and a bristle brush. Byrdie notes that if you want to wear your sleek hair down with a part down the middle, then you'll need a paddle brush, some hair balm, and a blow dryer.


Either way, this kind of hairstyle is fun because you can dress it up or down, which makes it ideal for lounging around on a Sunday, going on a date on Friday night, and everything in between — you'll be on-trend regardless.

Glossy Lips

If you're someone who is all about minimalism, the glossy lip look is a beauty trend that is sure to put a big smile on your face. The reason why is because it really doesn't take a ton of effort (or expense) to achieve a really glossy pair of lips. If you've got a tube of lip gloss (or even a carrier oil like sweet almond or grape seed) lying around, for the most part, you're already good to go.


According to Cosmopolitan, this beauty trend originates from back in the early 2000s, and is currently resurfacing. This time around, many people are choosing to add bright corals and bold reds as the base before applying the gloss. Whether you opt to go with a nude, natural look or something more colorful and bright, don't pass up on the opportunity to have some fun creating a glossy lip this spring. And if you really want to take this beauty trend to the next level, L'Oreal has a few tips on how to get glassy lips that will walk you through the process from beginning to end.

Reverse French Manicure

As far as nail looks go, the French manicure will always be a staple — and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But if you're someone who gets bored pretty easily and you would like to upgrade this traditional nail style a bit, a "reverse" French manicure will be right up your alley! Basically, these are exactly what they sound like. Rather than highlighting the edges of your nails, you can mix it up by putting the "tip" close to your cuticles or even on the sides of your nails. And instead of white "tips," you can try a different color to modernize your French manicure.


While it's probably best to achieve this look by seeing a professional at your local nail salon, if you're a master at doing your own nails, Harper's Bazaar recommends investing in a French manicure clean-up brush. That way, you can be as precise as possible while adding color to the tips (or the base) of your nails.

Neon Hues

Anyone who knows anything about '80s fashion will vouch for the fact that the era was all about wearing the brightest colors possible — and that basically meant clothes, shoes and even makeup came in all sorts of shades of neon. Well, here we are, well over 30 years later — and all over the runways, models are sporting neon eyeshadow (via Harper's Bazaar)!


If you're wondering if there is a specific hue that will be all the rage this spring, Allure says Nickelodeon's signature bright neon green will definitely be one to look out for. And since spring is all about plants and trees coming into full bloom, it makes perfect sense that a bold green hue would be a good choice for the season. Even if you didn't want to put neons on your face, perhaps you'd be open to trying something bright on your nails while on vacation this year.

Big Bantu Knots

Naturally Curly explains that the origin of Bantu knots comes from the Zulu tribe of Africa — and with Zulu meaning "heaven," it's no wonder that this particular hairstyle is so beautiful and becoming. For Black women, this is a look that is praised for a lot of different reasons. For one thing, it brings forth a sense of pride. Another is that it's a protective style that can help their hair to flourish. One more thing that makes Bantu knots a fan favorite is, so long as you're able to part your hair well, it's pretty easy to do from the comfort and convenience of your own home.


With Elle mentioning big Bantu knots as one of the biggest spring and summer trends of 2022, this would be the time to get off of the fence about giving this hairstyle a shot. Let celebrities like Rihanna, Yara Shahidi and Marsai Martin serve as your inspiration.

Diffused Lips

Maybe you hate using lip liner, but still can't seem to keep your lip product ... well, on your lips. If you can totally relate, you might want to attempt the diffused lip trend this spring season. Glamour UK has put us all on notice that this is another beauty trend that's going to be all over the place this year.


As far as this trend's backstory goes, diffused lips hail from Asian culture and are all about maximizing dramatic lips colors in the center of your lips, while applying less color on the outer part of your lips to create that gradient effect. Makeup artist Mali Thomas told Glamour UK that the diffused lip look "provides a natural, stained effect that looks effortless." That said, if you'd like to give this a shot, there are tons of compilation videos and tutorials out there to help you achieve this look.

Matte Finish Nails

If you rarely miss a mani/pedi appointment and you're trying to figure out what nail look you'd like to try next, consider asking your nail tech for polish that comes in a matte finish. Yep, another spring-related beauty trend is polish that has absolutely no shine to it. Rita Remark, a celebrity stylist in New York, told InStyle, "Over metallic, it looks steel. Over cream, it looks velvet. Over pearl, satin. This finish will be trending all year." The really awesome thing about this trend? All you need is to do to achieve it is apply a matte topcoat finish.


There is a bit of a heads up on this, though. According to Seventeen, matte finishes typically chip faster than other types of topcoats do. So if you're looking for a dramatic effect for your nails, matte is the way to go. On the other hand, if you want something that's super low-maintenance and long-lasting, you might want to rethink it.


Besides glitter, another sparkly, eye-catching trend that's getting quite a bit of attention right now is the use of embellishments. More specifically, this trend means things like putting little crystals around the corners of your eyes, adding sequins to your eyelashes, placing pearls along your eyebrows and around your hairlines, using rhinestones for your lips, and even strategically placing little flowers on your face. L'Oreal says that Pinterest helped to get the buzz going to the point where everyone from television characters (we're looking at you, "Euphoria") to super famous celebs are finding ways to put their own spin on this trend.


If this look seems inviting in theory, but you can't figure out how to make it work for your personal style and preference, Elle UK has a variety of suggestions, and Allure can walk you through some beautiful pearl-inspired looks. Oh, and if you want some tips on what kind of glue you should use or how to prep your face for your gemstone additions, L'Oreal has some great advice on how to make rhinestones stay on.

Braided Accents

As far as hairstyles go, braids tend to be an ultimate and automatic go-to because they are pretty, easy to create (if you know how to braid) and they're considered to be a protective style (because they can protect your ends from harsh weather elements). And while braids are certainly able to hold their own in the show-stopping department, it can never hurt to add some ribbons, beads, or another kinds of daring accents from time to time.


That's what makes "dressed up braids" being a spring beauty trend so delightful. Glamour UK shares that if you want to make a real statement, even adding a brightly colored hair extension into your natural hair while braiding it can cause you to stand out — pun incoming — heads above the rest. And since braids are a look that can come down as easily as they go up, you are free to change this look up daily if you so choose.

Neutral Nails

It's kind of a tradition to go as bright as possible during the spring (and summer) seasons. But if, for whatever the reason, that isn't really your thing, you'll be happy to know that neutral nails are also going to be really popular over the next several months (via Harper's Bazaar). This means that shades of brown, grey, taupe, and cream are going to be popping up in nail polish bottles everywhere.


What's really cool about this trend is some people forget that white (via Southern Living) and black are also considered to be neutral colors. So, if one day you want to go with barely-there brown nails and a few days later, you'd prefer some pretty white toes, you'll still be in the neutral wheelhouse and totally on-trend with models and beauty experts everywhere. It's kind of the ultimate win/win all the way around when you really stop to think about it.

The Classic Red Lip

Something that makes a beauty trend a classic is the fact that, no matter how much time has gone by, somehow it finds a way back to the top of the beauty must-dos over and over again. Such is the case with the classic red lip. In fact, Marie Claire UK asserted that red lipstick is "the little black dress" of cosmetics.


The main thing to keep in mind with this trend is that not every red hue fits all. In other words, it's important that you factor in things like the undertone of your skin, the color of your eyes, and whether you'd prefer to go with a matte or shiny finish. For all of these reasons, it's probably a good idea to spend time with an expert at a makeup counter if this is your first time selecting a red tube of lipstick. That way, you can feel absolutely confident about putting your beautiful red lips out on display for everyone to see (and admire) this spring.