If You're A Pisces, This Is The Perfect Pet For You

Pisces are arguably the sweetest and most sensitive zodiac sign of them all. According to InStyle, anyone born between February 19 and March 20 often has their head in the clouds, as Pisces are dreamers. People belonging to this water sign are notoriously emotional, and some are imaginative to the point where they may feel like they have a psychic sense. Although they have intense emotions, Pisces are the most empathetic and caring people you'll ever meet, making them excellent pet owners.

There are many great aspects of having a pet, especially if you're a Pisces. WebMD notes that owning a pet can help you feel happier, make you less anxious, and even improve your blood pressure. Since Pisces are naturally very emotional, interacting with a pet can help them feel better and less stressed on bad days. A Pisces would also love to share their happiness with their animal friend when they're already in a good mood. A Pisces' empathetic, caring nature will make this sign a naturally great caretaker, so they'll enjoy taking care of a pet. If you're a Pisces and you're looking to invest in a friend, we know which animal you'll love having in your home.

An older furry friend is the perfect pet for a Pisces

Pisces will treat every living thing in their life with love and care, whether it's the house plant they decided to get, the family member who's staying with them for the weekend, or a pet. In fact, Bustle explains how that famous Pisces empathy comes in handy specifically when caring for an older dog. While many peoples' first instincts when adopting or buying a dog is to get an adorable puppy, a more mature dog is the more suitable choice for a Pisces. 

There are lots of supplies you'll need for a new puppy, and young pets require significant time and energy. Since Pisces are so empathetic and get distracted easily, caring for a young, energetic puppy might distract them from tasks they need to take care of and make them feel more emotional. On the other hand, an older dog will have a relaxing effect on this emotionally intense zodiac sign.

According to How I Met My Dog, older dogs can often be very cuddly, which any Pisces will love. Additionally, you'll be less likely to worry about training older dogs. Also, older dogs typically have good manners and aren't likely to bark aggressively at inappropriate times. We love to see an empathetic Pisces bond with their furry friend!