Vegan Perfumes You Need To Try

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The veganism trend has grown significantly in the last few years. The Vegan Society describes veganism as "a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude — as far as is possible and practicable — all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose." While some people adopt the vegan diet to lose weight, the "original" vegans adopted this way of life to avoid cruelty to all animals. They don't use any animal-derived ingredients (which includes honey), support animal testing, use household products that have animal byproducts (like toothpaste and shampoos), or wear animal-derived clothing material (leather, wool, and silk), per TreeHugger. In the past couple of years, many beauty brands have gone vegan to be kinder to all animals by not using animal-derived ingredients in skincare and makeup. While it is not the same as cruelty-free, many beauty brands are vegan and cruelty-free where they don't use animal-derived ingredients, nor do they test on animals.


Now, they also have vegan perfumes available. You would think that might be challenging given that typical perfumes commonly use animal products like honey, Kasturi, and ambergris to create the scent (via Women's Health). Fortunately, these specific smells can be recreated using synthetic chemicals without having to use the animal at all, giving your animal-loving heart all the right reasons to buy a perfume without feeling bad. Ready to shop (and smell) guilt-free?

These vegan perfumes reveal your love for animals and quality fragrance

Vegan perfumes are perfect for anyone who doesn't want to compromise on the quality of their fragrance while remaining kind to animals.

Folks adore Glossier You and call it "affordable and effective, this Glossier perfume is one of the best perfumes on the market for that 'enhancing your natural scent' vibe," says esthetician Rio Viera-Newton to the Strategist. The scent offers "warm, woody, and clean" notes. It is so personal because it smells different on everyone based on their natural smell. It will smell different on you and your friend. Another great option is Ellis Brooklyn SALT Eau de Parfum, which Hello Magazine calls "a holiday in a bottle" because it will remind you of being by the sea. This Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner has a warm and spicy scent with notes of "Tahitian Tiare, and magnolia dianica."


Women's Health loves The Body Shop's White Musk because the scent is subtle yet empowering, and they call it "a go-to for vegans." This concentrated blend combines "aldehydes, jasmine, and cruelty-free musk" to give you a clean scent at an affordable price. You don't need to spend a fortune on vegan perfumes because Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange Spray Perfume is a refreshing and citrusy perfume made with notes of "delectable blood orange scent infused with strawberry and raspberry notes," per Brees Vegan Life. It smells like summer.