These Actors Played Will Horton On Days Of Our Lives

Will Horton is a character that "Days of Our Lives" fans know well. As the son of Sami Brady and Lucas Horton, Will is not only a legacy character but one that viewers have been invested in since his birth. The character was born in 1995 and has been at the center of much drama ever since (via Soap Central). Will's mother, Sami, initially lied about Will's paternity, claiming that Austin Reed was his father. However, it was later discovered that Lucas Horton was Will's father.

Over the years, Will was at the center of a custody battle between his parents, has had multiple life-threatening health issues, and was even murdered by the Necktie Killer Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson), per Nine. However, Dr. Rolf's resurrection serum brought the character back to life. Of course, Will is also a groundbreaking character as the storyline about his coming out as a gay man marked the first of its kind on "DOOL." Later, Will and his longtime love, Sonny Kirkais, made history when they tied the knot in daytime television's first-ever same-sex male wedding.

Since Will has been on the canvas for most of his life, multiple child actors have played the role. Young twins Shawn and Taylor Carpenter played Will from 1995 until 2002. Darian Weiss took over the role until 2003 before Christopher Gerse stepped in to play Will until 2007. In 2009, actor Dylan Michael Patton portrayed the character until Will was aged into young adulthood.

Chandler Massey and Guy Wilson are the only two actors to play adult Will Horton

In 2010, "Days of Our Lives" aged the character of Will Horton and hired actor Chandler Massey to portray the fan-favorite Salemite, per Nine. Massey quickly became a hit with fans, and after Will came out as gay he forged a super couple with Sonny Kiriakis (then Freddie Smith). Massey played Will for three years before exiting "DOOL" in 2013 so that he could complete his college education. Following Massey's departure, actor Guy Wilson stepped into the role. During Wilson's time as Will, he married Sonny and was later killed by Ben Weston in 2015.

Two years later, Will returned from the dead and Massey was back in the role. Fans were thrilled to see the actor reprise the part, and he's been the only actor to play the role since that time. Will has been off and on the canvas since Massey's return. However, he has been seen in the "DOOL" spin-off series "Beyond Salem," as well as the NBC soap opera's Christmas special (via Soap Opera Network). In 2022, he returned to Salem with his husband, Sonny (Zach Tinker).

Soap fans don't always handle recasts well, but Massey has seemed to embody the character of Will and viewers appear to enjoy watching the actor in the role.