The Truth About Princess Beatrice's Marriage

As a member of the royal family who is tenth in line to inherit the throne, royal fans love to keep up to date on the life of Princess Beatrice. While the first-born daughter of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, and Prince Andrew isn't a working royal, the princess still shares plenty of her major life moments for those eager to know more. In recent years, Beatrice has shared more of her romantic life, including her relationship with, and subsequent marriage to, British businessman Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

The pair aren't super open about their personal life, so it only makes what they do choose to share with the world that much more special. For example, in 2021, the happy couple announced that they'd welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Sienna Elizabeth. Occasionally, the parents have even been spotted out with their little one. Despite — or perhaps due to — their tendency to be more private, fans of the royal family are dying to know more details about Beatrice's marriage to her husband, Mapelli Mozzi.

The pair made their red carpet debut in 2019

After plenty of speculation about a potential romance, Princess Beatrice and multi-millionaire property developer Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi made their relationship public when they appeared at a gala event at the National Portrait Gallery in 2019. According to People, other attendees of the event included the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Though Mapelli Mozzi wasn't well-known to the public at the time, the media source stated that he was already well-acquainted with both of Beatrice's parents, thanks to his stepfather, Christopher Shale. The late British politician Shale was a friend to both Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

Prior to the couple's official debut, a 2018 article written in The Sun stated that Beatrice and Mapelli Mozzi had officially told her friends they were in a relationship. Additionally, a source close to the pair told the outlet that the princess and Mapelli Mozzi were getting serious and claimed the couple had even taken a holiday trip together. "Things are moving very quickly and it wouldn't surprise anyone if they got engaged within a short period of time." While the source's info was, at the time, only rumor, Beatrice and Mapelli Mozzi's engagement and subsequent marriage indicate that these allegations weren't far off.

Before getting engaged, they attended plenty of family functions

After going public with their relationship, Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi enjoyed plenty of royal family get-togethers and events, much to the delight of fans of the royal couple. In 2019, People reported that the princess and Mapelli Mozzi traveled to the Middle East to attend VIP Day at the Bahrain Grand Prix and met up with the princess' mother, Sarah Ferguson, and her father, Prince Andrew. Together, the royal family and Mapelli Mozzi watched the Formula One Championship race. The Duchess of York even took a selfie with her daughter and champion horse jockey Frankie Dettori.

However, that was far from the only occasion Beatrice and her beau were spotted together. Harper's Bazaar detailed that Mapelli Mozzi joined his girlfriend for a truly romantic and royal affair, the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston. According to the outlet, Beatrice and the businessman arrived together and were also seen socializing with Beatrice's mother. And around the same time, Hello! shared their sighting of the happy couple on a double date with the princess' sister, Princess Eugenie, and her husband, Jack Brooksbank. According to the magazine, the royal sisters and their significant others dined together at the Gold restaurant in Notting Hill. One photo even shows Mapelli Mozzi between the sisters, with all three walking hand-in-hand.

The couple's engagement was announced in 2019

Not long after they officially debuted as a couple, Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi revealed that they were going to tie the knot. The royal family's site announced the engagement and revealed that the couple had gotten engaged during a trip to Italy. The announcement also included a joint statement from the happy couple who said, "We are both so excited to be embarking on this life adventure together." The site added that the duo expected to be wed in 2020.

Proud mom Sarah Ferguson additionally offered some heartwarming words on Twitter, sharing a photo of the engaged pair and writing, in part, "I know what a mother feels so I have tears of joy. I am so proud of this sensational news." The Duchess of York added that she and Beatrice's father were "the luckiest people," for having such wonderful sons-in-law. Similarly, both Beatrice and Mapelli Mozzi offer their own social media sentiments. The property developer took to Instagram to share a collection of photos of the two along with the caption, "You will never be alone my love, my heart is your home. Hand in hand, today, tomorrow and forever." The princess shared photos and gave a simple statement on Twitter, expressing her delight over the news.

The pandemic changed their wedding plans

Like many other people around the world, the pandemic forced Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi to change their wedding plans, moving it to a later date. According to Insider, they didn't move it that far, as the official ceremony was supposed to occur in May 2020 and eventually happened in July of that year. But unfortunately, due to pandemic-related restrictions, both the venue and the reception had to be changed. Instead of the initially planned ceremony at the Chapel Royal on the grounds of St. James' Palace, the couple instead were wed at the Royal Chapel of All Saints on the grounds of The Royal Lodge, a private estate in Windsor. Similarly, The Mirror reported the couple switched their original reception location to the garden of The Royal Lodge. The event was said to have "a bouncy castle, glamping pods, and a pop-up pub."

In accordance with the pandemic-related protocols, The Sun reported that the ceremony had only 20 guests in attendance, far from the initially planned number of 150. Those lucky guests who made the cut included close family and, of course, the queen herself. According to The Telegraph, some exceptions were made for the wedding, one of which allowed Prince Andrew to walk his daughter down the aisle, a tradition that was, at the time, restricted. The news source states that this particular exception was made because the Duke of York had been reportedly isolating prior to the ceremony.

The couple broke plenty of royal wedding traditions

Due to the pandemic, certain parts of Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi's wedding were forced to break away from some of the typical royal traditions. However, there were also many alterations to their special day that the couple chose for themselves. While Hello! noted that the United Kingdom's restrictions at the time not only forced the event to be much smaller than planned (as mentioned above), it also meant that the lovely hymns typically sung at a royal wedding couldn't happen. Another thing the pandemic changed? The wedding photo. While royal wedding portraits usually feature many royal family members, Insider reported that the wedding photos only included Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, due to social distancing.

Regarding the couple's own changes, Insider stated that the princess decided to break away from the tradition of wearing a custom-made dress and instead chose a vintage gown that was previously worn by the queen. However, the princess did follow the custom of wearing a tiara and, in doing so, paid tribute to her grandmother by wearing the accessory that Elizabeth wore on her own wedding day in 1947. Hello! added that Beatrice also chose to wear her hair down, another break from the royal custom of brides wearing their hair up on their big day. Lastly, the princess didn't have a traditional Welsh gold wedding band, instead choosing a platinum one designed by the British jeweler Shaun Leane.

In 2021, the couple welcomed a baby girl

In 2021, the royal family's Twitter account officially announced that Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi had recently added a new member to their family. The post stated the newest royal family member's name was Sienna Elizabeth Mapelli Mozzi and that she was born on September 18, 2021. The account added that the parents and their newborn daughter were "all doing well," with the couple stating that Mapelli Mozzi's son from his previous relationship was already "the best big brother" to their baby girl. Similarly, Mapelli Mozzi shared his own heartfelt message on Instagram, writing that he was excited for all the "amazing things" that were ahead. "Feeling so much love and gratitude for my amazing wife, baby Sienna and Wolfie," he wrote in part, adding that this period was a time that he would remember forever.

Additionally, Harper's Bazaar recently reported that the royal mom was honoring her husband and both of the couple's children with a stylish accessory. According to the report, Beatrice was seen wearing a gold chain necklace sporting three initials, E (for Mapelli Mozzi), S (for her daughter), and W (for her stepson). It's definitely a sweet way to show your love for your family.

Princess Beatrice is also a stepmom to her husband's son

While Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi recently welcomed their first child, Sienna Elizabeth, the couple already had plenty of parenting practice, thanks to Mapelli Mozzi's son, Christopher Woolf. According to Now To Love, the businessman's son (whom he shares with his ex-fiancée, Dara Huang) was warmly welcomed into the family by the princess. Christopher Woolf (also known as "Wolfie") was even a big part of the couple's wedding day, serving as both the page boy and the best man. The outlet added that the child lives with his dad when his mom is working in Asia, which has allowed the princess plenty of time to bond with her stepson.

Similarly, a source close to the family gushed to People about Mapelli Mozzi's parenting skills. "Edo is easily one of the best dads," they stated, adding that the princess is likewise "a fantastic step-mummy." According to the insider, the trio has even gone on vacations and really enjoy being together as a family. Notably, the media source said that even Mapelli Mozzi's former partner is all about happy co-parenting. They shared a message given by Huang shortly after Beatrice and the businessman became engaged, which said, "I wish the best for Edo and Beatrice and look forward to uniting our families."

Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi have more in common than you might think

While Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi keep most of the details of their personal life fairly private, they do occasionally break their silence to reveal some special details. For example, in a 2021 interview with Hello!, Beatrice discussed education and revealed that both she and her husband share the same learning difficulty, dyslexia. "My husband's also dyslexic so we'll see whether we're having this conversation in a couple of months' time with a new baby in the house, but I really see it as a gift," the princess said.

The interview noted that Beatrice was diagnosed with the learning difficulty when she was only seven years old. She also told the magazine that — regardless of her dyslexia diagnosis — she "loved the environment" school provided her with. While speaking about the future education of her own children (at the time, Beatrice was still pregnant with her daughter), the royal stated if any of her present or future children were "lucky enough to be diagnosed with dyslexia, I feel incredibly grateful to have tools such as the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity to be able to tap into, to give them that extra support."

Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi cherishes his wedding ring

During an interview with the Financial Times, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi revealed some interesting details about his personal life with his wife, Princess Beatrice. When asked what his favorite room in his house was, the property developer said the kitchen and stated that he'd "fallen in love with cooking again." Mapelli Mozzi added that the room had become "the epicentre [sic] of our family life and we come together for every meal." He went on to say that he and the princess also seasonally grow some of their own vegetables, adding that it's an activity that his son enjoys, as well.

Additionally, Mapelli Mozzi is a fan of presents with sentimental value when it comes to gift-giving. Princess Beatrice's husband disclosed that he'd given his wife a bronze figurative sculpture for her birthday the prior year and said that he'd had the piece commissioned from his stepfather, David Williams-Ellis, who is a British sculptor. Mapelli Mozzi declared that he and his wife loved having one of his pieces in their home. A final special tidbit the businessman revealed? When asked what item he would never part with, Mapelli Mozzi stated that his most cherished item was his wedding ring.

The couple enjoy their privacy

As previously mentioned, Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi are fans of keeping their personal life fairly private. A write-up by Town and Country even noted that the happy couple chose not to share a photo of their daughter, Sienna Elizabeth, after she was born. Hello! similarly noted that, months after her birth, Beatrice and Mapelli Mozzi still hadn't shared any images of their little girl. Still, the outlet attributed this to the princess' desire to keep her daughter out of the spotlight, saying, "Princess Beatrice is not a working member of the royal family and is more private as a result."

However, despite the lack of details offered by the couple, Beatrice and her growing family are occasionally spotted out and about, with the Daily Mail reporting that the family was seen in London at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland festival in 2021. The princess, her husband, and their daughter were also accompanied by Mapelli Mozzi's son, Christopher Woolf. According to the outlet, the family kept their attendance at the festival low-key, browsed the Christmas market, played some of the fairground games, and ate at a German bratwurst stall. One passerby who observed the clan told the news source, "They didn't want to be made a fuss of. They were just really normal and nice."