Try Out This Makeup Trend If You're A Virgo

Virgo is an organized sign. However, because they're so Type A, people often get things wrong about Virgos. They can be mistaken as pushovers and people who will completely fall apart if their organization schemes somehow fall through. This is, in part, true; however, Virgos don't get enough credit for their overall ability to handle stress (via The Times of India). This is not to say they don't feel stressed; they simply organize it like the rest of their lives.

Being a Virgo can affect your mental health in various ways, but it's for this exact reason that Virgos have a specific self-care routine they should follow. After all, Virgo is one of the zodiac's earth signs, meaning they're very grounded and understanding in their approach to life. They know how to properly take care of themselves and how to present themselves, even if they overthink it and stress themselves out sometimes.

Among these self-care and presentation skills is Virgo's natural inclination toward one particular makeup trend, and it's one that isn't too surprising given their traits.

Virgos want their makeup as precise as possible

Virgo's natural organizational skills apply to every facet of their life, including their makeup. A Virgo will work harder than any other sign to ensure their makeup is symmetrical, blended, and smooth. Furthermore, according to MissMalini, the one makeup trend on which Virgos can always rely is precise eyeliner. That is, eyeliner that is applied with a steady hand and is smooth in its flow. It creates a clear shape, which Virgos will practice endlessly before confidently wearing it out into the world.

Precise eyeliner looks are perfect for Virgos because they accurately represent their natural traits. To accomplish precise eyeliner looks, Virgos will first have to find the right eyeliner product for them. Eyeliner options include liquids, pencils, and gels, and each Virgo will have their own favorite due to knowing themselves and their personal rhythms so well. According to Glamour, liquid eyeliner typically creates the most precise looks, but Virgos have no quarrel marching to the beat of their own drum.

Because they're organized and love office supplies so much, Virgos have no lack of Post-It notes laying around their house. This comes in handy for their makeup. As noted by Glamour, holding one to your face when applying eyeliner wings helps your lines stay smooth and effortless — and it's a trick Virgos have undoubtedly been using for years.

These tips will help you have precise eyeliner every time

Any Virgo knows that precise eyeliner isn't easy, even if they pass it off as effortless. Holding a Post-It note to your face also isn't the only tip you can use to achieve precise, beautiful eyeliner every time. According to Byrdie's Beginners Guide to Mastering Eyeliner, tips for success include using a smooth pencil liner if you're new to eyeliner and drawing dots or small lines across the lash line before connecting them to create a perfect brush of liner.

Mistakes happen, though, and Virgo knows this more than other signs. Still, it's worth reminding them to spot use concealer where necessary to create an even more sculpted eyeliner look (via Get the Gloss). Naturally, this applies to other areas of the face as well, with Virgos able to sculpt their blush or bronzer if they so please, too. On the other hand, if residue falls onto their face, Byrdie recommends employing a cotton swab with eye cream on it to lift and cover the residue.

Finally — and we're mad we didn't think of this sooner — Glamour recommends shaping your winged eyeliner look with a soft brown liner pencil before applying your preferred black liner. It will be easier to fix if you mess up, and it will leave you with the perfect template for your black liner. It's a true win-win, which Virgos always love.