How The April 1 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Scorpio

On Friday, April 1, there will be a new moon. For those who do not know, a new moon marks the start of a lunar cycle and, according to The Old Farmers Almanac, one comes around about once each month. During this time, we can see the side of the moon that isn't being hit with sunlight, as this celestial object seems to fade into the sky.

As pointed out by StyleCaster, this specific lunar phase will be in Aries, the zodiac sign known for tackling items on one's to-do lists and beyond. That being said, everyone will feel a renewed sense of energy and inspiration, finding the determination and desire needed to complete any unfinished projects. This is especially good news for the many, many people who have been experiencing a decrease in motivation, due to the pandemic, per CNBC Make It

What does this mean for a Scorpio, in particular?

Get ready to change up how you are thinking and how you are going about your day, Scorpio

The Scorpio, particularly, may have been recently dealing with continuous negative thoughts, which seem to be on a loop, as stated by Today. Additionally, this astrological sign could have been struggling to find the inspiration needed to get up and get going each day, as reported by Woman & Home.

Therefore, Today goes on to say that moments of self-doubt can be replaced with positivity and with distance. Take a break, take a walk, and remind yourself that you are a beautiful and brilliant bada**. As suggested by Healthline, you can also begin noticing your negative thinking and slowly replace that internal dialogue with something better.

On a similar note, Woman & Home continues by saying that you can counter the lack of motivation by changing up your perspective. Instead of looking at the things that have to be done each day, think about all that you get to do. Focus on the aspects of life, both big and small, that you truly enjoy. Then, when it comes to the harder stuff, set goals and work toward rewards, as mentioned by Harvard Business Review.