Fans Have A Lot Of Hard Feelings About Harry Not Attending His Grandfather's Memorial

Ever since stepping down as working members of the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been accused of turning their backs on the monarchy. Following months of difficulty with his family, particularly older brother Prince William, multiple outlets reported that Harry would not be attending the memorial service for his late grandfather, Prince Philip. Per TODAY, a spokesperson for the Duke of Sussex confirmed that he would not be returning to the U.K. for the event, which is being held at Westminster Abbey. The patriarch passed away just a few months shy of his hundredth birthday on April 9, 2021. Harry did make the trip home for Philip's funeral, which had limited attendance thanks to strict COVID-19 protocols.

At Philip's memorial service, which will be broadcast live, Express confirmed that the late Duke of Edinburgh will be remembered as a "man of rare ability and distinction." In contrast to the monarch's funeral, the outlet reported that 500 guests will be in attendance. However, Prince Harry won't be among those guests because he reportedly feels unsafe returning home after his security detail has been revoked, per Town & Country. Furthermore, local police won't be protecting the family. In response, the Duke of Sussex is suing the Home Office, in hopes that they will reinstate their police protection for his next visit. In the meantime, royal fans are none too pleased about Harry's decision not to return to England.

Royal watchers believe that Prince Harry will regret his decision

In response to a tweet sharing the news that Prince Harry wouldn't be in attendance at his late grandfather's memorial service, one Twitter user wrote, "I am disgusted that #Harry has allowed himself to be manipulated so much, that he will not be attending his own grandfather's memorial service. One day, he will have so many regrets." Another user argued, "I'm genuinely annoyed that prince Harry hasn't turned up to his grandads memorial service.. if nothing else he should have been there to support his Nan. Shameful." A third tweeted, "Where is #Harry shame on him for not attending today."

Royal watchers' comments echo what experts are saying, which is that Philip "would be angry and disappointed Prince Harry has chosen not to go," per The Mirror. The Duke of Sussex was last home in July 2021 for a statue unveiling in honor of his late mother, Princess Diana. Since that time, he has reportedly been fighting the British government for personal protective security. As royal author Phil Dampier told the Daily Mail, "It's very sad... I think one day Harry might regret it." Dampier described Harry's security dispute as "an excuse," which "indicates the rift with his blood family is still bad." The fact Harry was close with Philip makes it especially puzzling that the prince has opted not to attend the memorial. The whole situation likely leaves the queen wondering whether Harry will be present for any of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations this summer.