Love Is Blind Alum Mark Cuevas Gets Candid About Life With His New Baby

Mark Cuevas from "Love Is Blind" and fiancée Aubrey Rainey's family is growing. Cuevas and Rainey are part of the "two under one" club, meaning that the reality star just welcomed his second child, Axton Anders, with their first son, Ace Anthony, having been born just last year in April. Axton was born just two months shy of the couple's due date on February 3, 2022, per Page Six. The outlet reports that Cuevas opened up about baby Axton's precautionary stay in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) on Instagram.

The proud dad has dedicated multiple social media posts to his newborn and 11-month old son Ace. His fiancée, Rainey, even gushed about their sons close age in a February 2022 Instagram Story and shared her excitement by saying the brothers would "get to be forever bffs," according to Entertainment Tonight. A day after Axton's birth, Cuevas told Us Weekly that even though there wasn't a definite date for when they would get the okay to bring him home, he was improving.

Mark Cuevas opened up about what life as a dad of two is like

Mark Cuevas has taken a complete step back from the untold truth of the "Love Is Blind" franchise and is focusing on his family instead, per Screen Rant. On March 29, Mark Cuevas gave fans an update on how much life has changed since fatherhood. In an Instagram Q&A, he revealed that his newborn, Axton Anders, has since come home and is doing well. One fan asked him how life was doing in general, to which he readily opened up about the struggles of raising two sons so close in age while asserting that he and fiancée Aubrey Rainey were grateful for their family. 

Another fan asked Cuevas about how Rainey was holding up. The physical trainer shared that Rainey was recovering, and then posted a sweet photo of her with the baby and captioned it, "She's doing amazing." During the Q&A, Cuevas also revealed that their eldest son, Ace, is getting along well with his baby brother. "Ace honestly loves Axton," he wrote, "We taught Ace 'beso' which means kiss in Spanish and he always leans in to kiss him."