How To Choose The Right Charlotte Tilbury Foundation For Your Skin

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Do you remember buying your first makeup as a teenager? Your drugstore foundation may not have perfectly matched your skin tone, but it was quite an exciting moment — and the beginning of a journey. If you are a makeup enthusiast constantly exploring the world of beauty, you must have heard of Charlotte Tilbury.

Celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury is quite legendary in the world of makeup, and a favorite of many celebrities, who launched her namesake brand in 2013, per Glamour. You know you have made it in the beauty world if your resumé includes glamming Amal Clooney on her wedding day. While she may not be doing our makeup anytime soon, we can still get our hands on her luxury makeup line. Her beautiful creations are no stranger in the world of TikTok, either, where the multitasking Beauty Light Wand Pingasm is super popular. 

According to the brand's official website, it sells four Pillow Talk Lip Kits every minute (via Who What Wear). The reason behind its popularity is that this Charlotte Tilbury lip product flatters all skin tones. Her foundation line is quite out of this world, too, and catered to fit every skin type with flattering finishes. Now, you just need to find the right Charlotte Tilbury foundation that's perfect for you.

Hollywood Flawless Filter is picture-perfect for sheer, glowy skin

Let's start with the lightest. It's Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter, and the name says it all. According to the brand's official website, the inspiration behind this was "perfecting properties of SOCIAL MEDIA and illuminating effects of HOLLYWOOD LIGHTS," giving your skin an A-list celebrity glow while blurring all imperfections. You can use it as a primer, foundation, or even a highlighter because it's that good. 

This moisturizing foundation will make you appear literally radiant. If you are looking for minimal coverage with a major glow factor, this is for you. The only drawback is its limited shade range, with it only being available in 12 varieties. Skin tints are popular on TikTok right now, and Glamour even compared this foundation to a skin tint, saying it gives an "otherworldly glossy, glowy sheen." Who doesn't want a product that doesn't hide your natural skin but illuminates it? Allure recommends that you add it to your foundation for a little extra oomph.

This foundation also happens to be celebrity makeup artist Jose Corella's favorite. "The formula is loaded with skintone-reflective pigments, so you just look glowy and gorgeous," he told Byrdie. Corella further describes it as "'supermodel skin' in a tube," and who doesn't want to look like a supermodel?

Light Wonder is best for minimal coverage and maximum effect

Light Wonder is your go-to among her foundations if you want minimal coverage without really hiding your skin. What can't this lightweight foundation do? According to Charlotte Tilbury, it can "smooth, hydrate, illuminate, minimize pores AND reduce wrinkles." It also has SPF 15, and is beautifully buildable if you want a little extra coverage. Skin-boosting ingredients like pseudo-ceramides keep your skin hydrated for 18 hours, and this foundation is considered perfect for anyone with normal, dry, and combination skin types. It provides an illuminating finish, but like the Hollywood Flawless Filter, it is only available in 12 shades.

Influenster raves about this super light foundation. In fact, it has an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars, gathered from 530 reviews at the time of writing, with one reviewer even saying this has been "A favorite for years!" Meanwhile, another wrote, "Stunning foundation! Great for summer." Charlotte Tilbury has the magic touch because she creates quality products that people stay faithful to for years. 10lista claims this foundation makes your skin look incredibly smooth, and even that it has a "baby-skin effect."

Charlotte's Beautiful Skin Foundation is made for medium coverage

There are, of course, alternatives to buy if you can't afford Charlotte Tilbury makeup, but her products really do deliver miracles. There are those who want the bare minimum coverage, and then there are those who go all out when it comes to full coverage foundation. However, for those in the middle, you need to try the brand's Beautiful Skin Foundation. According to the brand's official website, this newest addition claims to have an array of skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, rose complex, and Hyalurosmooth, among other amazing ingredients, to hydrate, even your skin tone, and fight dullness. It will make you look younger and improve the overall condition of your skin. With 30 shades to choose from, this one lasts a solid 16 hours.

Moreover, there are no worries if you have sensitive skin, as Allure recommends this creation to be an excellent fit for you because of its cassia angustifolia seeds and coconut extract. Furthermore, one of Refinery29's beauty editors, who usually is a fan of tinted moisturizer, said, "It evened out my cheek hyperpigmentation nicely — without making me look ashy or grey." This seems like a great daily pick for those with oily skin, because the finish is bright without being attention-drawing.

Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation is ideal for maximalists

If you love a full glam face, Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation is a must for you. According to the brand's official website, this long-wear foundation gives you the smoothest skin of your life with zero visible pores. It's not just makeup because it's also infused with 2% Replexium to diminish fine lines and Magic MossCellTec™ No. 1 for extra hydration, so you can literally age backwards with skincare benefits. This foundation has the maximum range of shades — 44 to be exact — making it the most inclusive of Charlotte Tilbury's foundation lines.

Most full coverage foundations can look and feel heavy, but that is not the case with this vegan Charlotte Tilbury masterpiece. In fact, Glamour describes this magical foundation by saying, "It's not dewy, it has a pretty satin finish that looks like my own skin, but better." What kind of sorcery is that? Girl Loves Gloss agrees, describing this foundation as very hydrating without compromising its matte appearance. Girl Loves Gloss recommends this for those with normal and oily skin. 

Now you know which Charlotte Tilbury foundation works best for you, but we think you will want them all. Looks like this luxury makeup brand is totally worth the money and the hype.