How Jackie Kennedy Inspired Meghan And Kate's Fashion

The fashion industry owes a lot to Jackie Kennedy. Though there's a lot that isn't widely known about the former first lady lovingly nicknamed Jackie O, one fact holds true. She was the pinnacle of style and directly influenced many 1960s fashion staples including the pillbox hat, mod oversized sunglasses and the monochrome look, per W Magazine. Her fashion reigned supreme in the '60s, no contest, and still inspires today's trends. That shift dress you have hanging in your closet became the "It" look because Jackie Kennedy rocked it first, points out Insider.

Even Kennedy's love of tailored coats and show-stopping strapless gowns is imitated by today's fashion icons. People remarked that her chic, polished look was the epitome of style, and dubbed her impact "The Jackie Effect." The outlet cites Jennifer Lopez's mint green, one-shoulder Valentino dress at the 2003 Oscars as a by-product of Kennedy's iconic embellished gown. Of all of Kennedy's looks, her sleek gloves and beige Oleg Cassini coat at John F. Kennedy's 1961 inauguration was her top fashion moment.

Decades later, Kennedy continues to shape the fashion industry, including Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's personal styles.

How Kate Middleton's personal style pays homage to Jackie Kennedy

Kate Middleton's personal style is top tier. Kate's stunning style transformation continues to inspire many. One look at her closet, and it's clear that Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana are two of her biggest influences. The Duchess of Cambridge infuses a lot of '60s trends into her look which call back to the former first lady of the United States, per House Beautiful

Some of Kate's best fashion moments have been shaped by the "Jackie Effect." The jade tailored coat and matching pillbox hat — Kennedy's personal favorite — that she wore to the 2022 St. Patrick's Day Parade (pictured above), definitely has Kennedy influences. On March 22, 2022, the pillbox hat made another appearance at the annual Commonwealth Day Service held at Westminster Abbey, reports Daily Mail. Kate went for a monochrome look and paired a royal blue A-line coat dress with a matching hat. Princess Diana was also a fan of the distinct accessory and wore a variation of the style on multiple occasions, per Newsweek.

Meghan Markle also draws inspiration from the former first lady

Kate Middleton isn't the only trendsetter taking notes from America's number one style icon. Meghan Markle, the queen of transformations, constantly channels Jackie Kennedy's style. Harper's Bazaar credited Meghan for bringing back the boatneck neckline and deemed it her signature look. But Meghan isn't the only fashion trailblazer who appreciates this timeless look.

Yahoo Entertainment reports that Kennedy was a huge fan of boatneck dresses and often wore the gorgeous silhouette to different events. During a dinner at the Japanese Embassy in 1961, her signature boatneck dress and sleek gloves were on full display. Elle also celebrated Meghan's love of this timeless neckline and drew comparisons. In a photo mashup, the outlet pointed out that her neutral Prada dress at the 2018 Queen's Young Leaders Awards Ceremony is a prime example of Kennedy's influence. Even Meghan's minimalist wedding dress incorporates the boatneck neckline.