Who Is Bridgerton Newcomer Theo Sharpe?

"Bridgerton" Season 2 was all about the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and his journey to find love with Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley), per Entertainment Weekly. Anthony and Kate shared a very dramatic and slow-burning relationship throughout the course of the Netflix original's sophomore season (via Collider). However, Anthony wasn't the only Bridgerton sibling to meet a new love interest. Anthony's younger sister, Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) also found someone she could confide in when she met the character of Theo Sharpe (Calam Lynch), per Distractify.


Theo is a very interesting character to "Bridgerton" fans, as he's not in the book series. During Season 2, Eloise bonds with Theo when she's trying to figure out the identity of Lady Whistledown, not knowing that Whistledown is actually her best friend Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan). Since Theo worked at the print shop where Lady Whistledown had her gossip papers printed, Eloise hoped that he may help her in her search for answers. However, he doesn't know much about Whistledown's business.

So, who is the actor behind the new and interesting character?

Calam Lynch plays Theo Sharpe in Bridgerton

The character of Theo Sharpe caught the attention of Eloise Bridgerton during Season 2 of the series, and fans were intrigued by the character and the actor who played him as well. Calam Lynch, 27, was the man behind the kind-hearted and opinionated Theo. The actor hails from the United Kingdom but also has Irish heritage, per Yahoo. Although some fans are just now getting to know Lynch's work, he's actually starred in many prominent projects such as the movie "Dunkirk" alongside former One Direction member Harry Styles. He's also appeared in films like "Black Beauty" and "Benediction," as well as the show "Derry Girls" alongside his "Bridgerton" co-star Nicola Coughlan. Lynch has even been recognized for his work, earning a BAFTA nomination for his role in "Mrs. Wilson."


According to Us Weekly, Lynch claims he was more interested in football than acting while growing up in the UK. However, he eventually pursued what seems to be the family business in acting. Both of Lynch's parents, Finbar Lynch and Niamh Cusack, are actors, and his cousin is actor Max Irons. Lynch even studied at Oxford University before leaving in his third year to achieve his career goals. 

Now, Lynch is making waves in the sphere of acting after joining the cast of "Bridgerton."

Eloise appears to have met her match in Theo

During Season 2 of "Bridgerton," viewers loved the way that Theo inspired and encouraged Eloise to follow her passions, including attending an underground meeting about the rights of women. The two instantly hit it off and connect on a very deep level, per Distractify. Theo even appears to set Eloise's heart racing when he admits that he read some books and immediately thought that she might like them, setting them back for her so that she can also read them and they can talk about them together.


Sadly, things don't end well for Theo and Eloise in Season 2. After Queen Charlotte accuses Eloise of being Lady Whistledown, people start to question Theo about his involvement with her, casting a spotlight on him that he doesn't appreciate. When Eloise later returns to the print shop to ensure that Theo is okay, he breaks her heart when he tells her that she doesn't understand the danger she's put him in and that she doesn't think she understands the lower class after being raised in a wealthy family.

However, by the end of Season 2, the pair seem to make up and Theo even nearly kisses Eloise in the season finale before she stops him to tell him that he was right about their social standings (via The Express). So, what does the future hold for Theo?


The character of Theo Sharpe isn't in the book series

It's hard to predict what may happen with Theo Sharpe in future seasons of "Bridgerton." Since the character does not appear in the book series written by author Julia Quinn, the writers of the show have full control over the character and can choose to make his fate whatever they want (via The Express). It's a possibility that Theo may not be seen during Season 3 of "Bridgerton." However, fans would likely be a bit upset if that were the case.


In addition, the show's writers may stun fans of the book series and have Theo become a very big part of the storyline, especially where Eloise is concerned. Since the show has already differed from the books in the past, per Collider, it may take a big risk by involving Eloise and Theo. If the two do engage in a relationship, some book lovers may be left seeing red if Eloise's romantic future is changed. As she has a very interesting love story in the novels.

Will Theo and Eloise end up together?

Although Eloise's love story has yet to play out on "Bridgerton," fans of the book series know exactly who the second-born Bridgerton daughter ends up with. In the fifth book in the "Bridgerton" novels (spoilers ahead), Eloise finds herself with no desire to get married or find a romantic partner, per Cosmopolitan.


However, things take an interesting turn when the character of Marina Thompson dies, per People. Following Marina's death, Eloise writes to her husband, Sir Phillip Crane, to offer her sympathy and he eventually writes back to her. They begin trading correspondence and eventually fall head over heels for one another. When Eloise meets Phillip in person unchaperoned, the "Bridgerton" brothers demand that Phillip marry her in order to keep their sister's honor intact, and the couple eventually walks down the aisle together.

However, the introduction of Theo Sharpe has thrown an interesting wrench into Eloise's life, and if the Netflix series opts to step away from the source material by refusing to kill off Marina, perhaps Theo could be the man that Eloise ends up with on the show.


Fans are already shipping Eloise and Theo

According to The Express, many "Bridgerton" fans know that Eloise doesn't end up with Theo in the book series, but marries Marina's widower, Sir Phillip Crane. However, some viewers don't care about the source material and are all in when it comes to an Eloise and Theo romance. After Season 2 of the Netflix series was released, viewers began to share their thoughts on social media, and they were loving the pairing of Eloise and Theo so much that they seemed okay with changing the Bridgerton sibling's book fate to accommodate a romance with the print shop worker.


"I'm so sorry Sir Philip Crane, I want Theo and Eloise end game," one fan tweeted. "If Eloise and Theo don't end up together next season we attack at dawn," another social media user wrote. "I know it's not book canon, but I would be 100% behind Eloise and Theo ending up together," another person commented on Twitter.

It appears that the introduction of Theo Sharpe could divide "Bridgerton" fans, and viewers will be forced to wait and see if he and Eloise are endgame, or if the writers carry on with Eloise's storyline from the book series.