Here's What Happened To Lola On The Young And The Restless

Lola Rosales (played by Sasha Calle) seemed to disappear from the Genoa City scene and was one of the last members of the Rosales clan to remain on "The Young & the Restless," per Soaps in Depth. In March 2022, Jordi Vilasuso announced that the soap was ending the Rosales family stories for good as his character, Rey Rosales, was leaving Genoa City. On his podcast "Making It Work," Vilasuso explained that it wasn't his choice to go, but that he should have seen it coming, as his character hadn't recently been involved in any major storylines. 

Soaps in Depth reported that the first member of the Rosales clan to show up in Genoa City was Arturo Rosales (Jason Canela), who promptly began an affair with the much-older Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), but ended things when he fell for her step-daughter, Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway). After Abby found a bra behind Arturo's couch, she mistakenly believed him to be cheating on her — though the bra was later revealed to belong to Arturo's sister, Lola, according to Soap Hub. Speaking of, what happened to Lola over the course of the show?

Lola Rosales met rich boy Kyle Abbott

When Lola Rosales moved to Genoa City from Florida, she brought her food truck with her, per Soaps in Depth. The talented chef then set out to make it on her own by launching a pop-up restaurant outside Crimson Lights Coffee House. While there, she met rich playboy Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor), who quickly fell for her. Though Lola reciprocated his feelings, she initially rejected his wealthy lifestyle. Case in point: She gave back a designer purse that he gifted to her because she felt Kyle was just trying to woo her with expensive items according to Soap Hub.

Others interfere in Lola Rosales and Kyle Abbott's relationship

Next in Lola Rosales' life, Soaps in Depth reported that Summer Newman (Hunter King) — who was once engaged to Kyle Abbott — grew jealous of his relationship with Lola. Summer thus tried to make Lola believe that Kyle was cheating on her with Summer. Simultaneously, Mia Rosales (Noemi Gonzales), who was married to Lola's brother Rey Rosales, wanted Arturo and tried to get Abby Newman out of the way. One night, Lola went to visit Kyle and borrowed Abby's coat. Mia mistook Lola for Abby, and ended up pushing her in the pool, per Soaps In Depth. The accident was enough to land a comatose Lola in the hospital.

Lola Rosales experiences some big life changes

Due to her time in the Abbott pool, Lola Rosales found herself in need of a new liver. Coincidentally, Summer Newman was a match for Lola. Per, Kyle Abbott agreed to marry Summer if she would donate part of her liver to Lola. She agreed — and when Lola recovered from her coma, she found Kyle married to someone else. Of course, that wasn't enough to stop their love story!

Kyle slept with Lola while he was still married to Summer, then divorced her to marry Lola. Per Soaps In Depth, Lola also snagged the head position at Abby Newman's new restaurant, Society. Too bad things wouldn't be looking up for long.

Lola Rosales and Kyle Abbott ended their relationship

Despite being married to Kyle Abbott, Lola Rosales still struggled with the trappings of his rich lifestyle. The two fought constantly and couldn't agree on where to live, or what to buy. When Kyle began working with Summer Newman at the Jabot cosmetics company, he realized that he'd loved Summer all along, per Soaps in Depth.

Lola was heartbroken after he ended her marriage. However, she rallied by reuniting with her long-lost father, Adriana Rosales (Jay Montalvo), according to Soaps in Depth, and even threw herself into a new romance.

Lola Rosales leaves town after another failed romance

In the wake of her divorce from Kyle Abbott, Lola Rosales found herself drawn to Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson), aka Kyle's long-lost cousin. After a short-lived fling, she concluded there was no real love between them. Theo left town and Lola followed suit, deciding to open a restaurant in Florida.

Though she left the show, actor Sasha Calle got a bigger break than her "Y&R" character when she was cast as DC's Supergirl, according to Entertainment Tonight. It's especially notable because Calle will make history as the first-ever Latina Supergirl character. While Lola is cooking up a storm in the Sunshine State, fans will certainly be cheering for Calle when she makes her turn as the crime-fighting superhero.