Insider Dishes On The State Of Kim Kardashian's Relationship With Pete Davidson

It's the celebrity relationship everyone can't get enough of. Whether you love them, love to hate them, or are too shocked to form an opinion yet, one thing's for sure — Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson aren't going anywhere. Ever since the news dropped of Kardashian's first dating venture since separating from Kanye "Ye" West was Davidson, fans have been in disbelief, per Cosmopolitan. How? When? Where? How?! It's the relationship that made zero sense, but the smiles on their faces made it clear the couple was having a great time.

While at first the relationship made the typical transition from rumored to paparazzi shots, over the past couple of months the couple themselves have been more open about the relationship. Speaking on "Ellen," Kardashian dished all about her finally making it official by posting Davidson on her Instagram as well as how loved up and "cute" the couple are, per Buzzfeed News

A promo clip of Kardashian speaking to Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America" revealed her getting even more candid about how serious the couple are by revealing, "I wouldn't be with someone if I didn't plan on spending a lot of my time with them." While we wait for her to dish some more, an insider has spilled all the tea.

Kim and Pete are 'super serious'

One thing is for sure, and that's that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are blissfully loved up. It's part of the appeal, people want to hear more and more about the brand new unexpected couple goals. Kardashian has had a rough year, with Kanye "Ye" West's onslaught of social media attacks on the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star including screenshots of their texts, per Independent. So, it's refreshing for fans to see Davidson bring her so much happiness ... but they want to know more.

An insider source spilled all of the tea to Entertainment Tonight. The source revealed that Kardashian and Davidson were much more "super serious" than the public think, "They both want to take their relationship to the next level." And for some cute content, the insider dished, "They are enamored with each other and are continuing to work on seeing their relationship blossom further, regardless of the drama that Kanye previously created." 

The only thing standing in the happy couple's way seems to be Kardashian's ex and his unrelenting public attacks on her that even led to Davidson speaking up and sharing screenshots of his texts confronting him, per Page Six. Here's hoping that wave passes, and that the only Instagram posts we get are more cute couple pics.