Alexis And Hunter Explain Their Decision To Join The Ultimatum - Exclusive Interview

Netflix's latest dating show, "The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On," has released its first eight episodes today. The reality TV show focuses on six couples who have reached a pivotal point in their relationship. One person is ready to take the next step and get married, but the other is hesitant. Through the series, they're challenged to either commit to marriage or move on. While making that decision, they'll also be picking another partner from the other couples to live with and explore what an alternative future in a different relationship would look like.

Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr are one of the couples who signed up for this experience after Alexis issued an ultimatum to Hunter to propose or end the relationship. During an exclusive interview with The List, the pair discussed what their thoughts were going into the series and their perspective on it now. Watch "The Ultimatum" to see if their relationship survived the experience. 

What was their attitude going onto the show

Alexis, as the person who gave the ultimatum going into the show, were you fairly confident that you guys would leave together?

Alexis: Yeah. Going into it, I knew that Hunter was the one for me. We had done so much during our two years dating each other that I was ready to make the next step. A big thing for me was getting engaged before we moved in together. We were at a crossroads there because he wanted to move in before we got engaged to test it out, see how it goes. Putting our relationship on the line and going through this experience, I knew that there could be a possibility that maybe it would end, but I did have a lot of confidence in our relationship. I was ultimately hoping that by the end, Hunter would say, "Okay, I am 100% as well. I want to be with Alexis, and that would make me nothing but happy." He had a choice, ultimately, to either pick someone else, pick me, or go away with nothing.

For you, Hunter, being the person kind of on the opposite end where this is given to you, do you think that changed the way you approached going into the show at all?

Hunter: Yeah, I think it did 100% because being issued an ultimatum in and of itself is something you have to grapple with. I tried to look at it as, "Okay, this is a serious relationship. Alexis is being very open and honest about her commitment towards me. I love her and respect her enough, so I have to take that seriously and I have to be open in this relationship, and, to her point, put everything on the line," because there shouldn't be any room for any doubt after I've made my decision. It definitely allowed me to have that space to answer some of those key questions in order to give Alexis the answer that she deserves, whether [that's] good or bad.

What are Alexis's thoughts on giving ultimatums now?

Alexis, do you think, in hindsight, issuing an ultimatum, do you think that is a good way to move a relationship forward when you're in that spot?

Alexis: I think when you're in a relationship, there's a turning point or a pivotal moment in every relationship, and people can relate. Some people are ready to get engaged, some people are ready to have kids, whatever it might be. There's going to be this disagreement, and for me, being 100% in knowing I have these traditional views of wanting to get engaged first and then move in together, it was really important that I stuck to that and didn't change the way that I grew up and felt because the person I love isn't on the same timeline or schedule as me. Doing that, yeah, there was a lot of risk.

Episodes 1-8 of "The Ultimatum" are now available on Netflix, with the finale and the reunion dropping April 13.