Names That Are Perfect For Libra Babies

Libra babies, born between September 23 and October 22, will someday grow into Libra adults, and having a name that jives with their personalities as well as their love of aesthetic and deeper meaning would be ideal for them. Libras are harmony-loving creatures who seek balance, justice, peace, and beauty in all areas of their lives (via Allure). They are often the peacekeepers in both professional and personal groups, and they believe in fairness, warmth, and kindness, though they are unafraid to stand up for what they believe in. 

Libras appreciate aesthetics and are generally lovers of nature, the arts, fashion, and home decor. They are always well put together and curate very particular style for themselves where it comes to their own personal fashion and also their homes. This air sign is often called the social butterfly of the zodiac and loves making connections with all types of people from all walks of life. They can get along with almost anyone and fit in almost anywhere. So what baby names would best suit a little Libra destined to grow into such a person?    

Floral baby names for Libras

The Rose is the official flower of the Libra zodiac sign, and like a Libra's tastes often are, Roses are classic, romantic, and always in style (via Traveller). Interestingly, Rose was also the name of one of the most famous characters ever played by a very famous Libra-born actress, Kate Winslet (in "Titanic," of course). It's a name that is both old fashioned and yet made new when given to a lively young person, so it would be a lovely name for a Libra baby. 

Violet would be another beautiful floral name for a Libra baby. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, and the greek Goddess Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, would often be seen carrying violet flowers with her (via Cafe Mom).  

For a boy, Florian or Florean is a gorgeous, classical Latin name meaning both flowering and handsome, fitting for a Libra gentleman for certain (via Pop Sugar). 

Gemstone baby names for Libras

Sapphires are the birthstone of September, when many Libra babies are born (via Cafe Mom). The name of this deep blue precious gemstone also makes a beautiful, unique name for a baby. It evokes beauty and class, two things a Libra may grow up to value. It is also a fairly uncommon name, which will prevent a Libra from getting lost in a crowd, not that they don't stand out all on their own. 

Similarly, Opal is the birthstone for October, the other month that the sign of Libra encompasses (via Traveller). This soft, gorgeous stone evokes a rainbow of color and comes in many different varieties. Each one is unique, like Libras themselves.  

Stirling is another beautiful name inspired by precious jewelry, and it means pure and of high value, lovely values to evoke for a Libra. 

Divine baby names for Libras

Venus is the Greek goddess of love and beauty and is also the name of the planet that rules the Libra sign. A powerful, divine, feminine name that carries power and beauty along with it (Pop Sugar).  

Freya, similarly, is the name of the Norse goddess of love, fertility, and beauty (via Traveller), making it another powerful, beautiful, and storied name for a Libra baby.  

Concordia was the name of the Roman goddess of harmony and peace, two values dearest to the heart of a Libra. This name is lesser known than the previous two suggestions, so if you are looking for something a bit more unique or uncommon, but still evoking the same power and magic, Concordia may be a great choice.  

Biblical baby names for Libras

David is not only a classic biblical name evoking justice in the face of impossible odds (as in David and Goliath), but the name itself means "beloved" (via Romper).  Very Libra on all fronts! 

Daniel is another originally-Hebrew name that evokes powerful, storied origins. It is translated into "law-giver," which once again calls to mind Libras' deep-held value of justice and fairness (via Pop Sugar).  

Rebecca is a biblical girl's name that translates into English as "peacemaker," a perfect name for peace and harmony-loving Libras (via Pop Sugar). 

Jemima or Jemimah is another biblical name that would beautifully fit a Libra, as it means dove, which is known as the bird of peace (via momlovesbest). 

Nature-inspired baby names for Libras

Jonah is traditionally a boy's name that also means dove, so if you were hoping to evoke a sense of peace for a Libra boy, this might be a great choice (via Traveller). 

Olive is a lovely alternative to the more popular Olivia, and because the Olive branch is traditionally a symbol of peace, it would suit a Libra well (via Cafe Mom). 

River would beautifully suit a Libra as this air sign tends to gravitate toward bodies of water to soothe their souls and ground themselves, and the name itself is unique and attention-grabbing, like Libras themselves (via Romper).