The Secret Ingredient That's A Game Changer For Dry Hair

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There is nothing fun about dry hair. First of all, it looks dry and can feel dry to touch, and who doesn't want soft and silky hair? According to Healthline, environmental factors like the sun and humidity and your love of heat styling your hair can give you dry and damaged hair. Having dry hair doesn't necessarily mean you have a health issue. It's just not fun, and not taking care of dry hair can lead to more hair damage. So, how do we get rid of the dryness in our hair?

Master stylist at Birdhouse salon in Gowanus told The Strategist," Nothing heals dry hair better than a great haircut." Well, it's good to know there is a solution, but what if you don't want to cut all your hair off? Thankfully, plenty of hair products can help combat frizzy, dry, and damaged hair by healing and repairing them, so you don't have to say goodbye to your locks anytime soon. As the name suggests, dry hair lacks moisture, so you have to be extra careful when choosing products. You should choose sulfate-free hair products if you have dry hair because sulfates strip your tresses and scalp of their natural moisture, though it does help to clean the dirt and build-up, per Self. If you have dry hair, you want to look for hydrating, softening, and repairing ingredients, and one such ingredient that can help quench your hair's thirst is glycerin.

What is glycerin?

Glycerin is a humectant that has the power to attract water from its surroundings and is commonly used in skincare products to hydrate the skin and give it a plump appearance, per Today. It is an excellent hydrator for the skin and because it is much smaller than the popular humectant hyaluronic acid, it can go deeper into the skin for the extra hydration it needs. It is often used in cleansers, so your skin doesn't get too dry after washing your face.

Dendy Engelman, a New York-based dermatologist, told Byrdie, "Glycerin is a naturally occurring compound in the body. In topical skincare, it is derived from plants." Once you apply it to your skin, it knows to go where it's needed. Cosmetic chemists love this water-loving ingredient because it is a godsend for "dry, dehydrated, or cracked skin." It is safe for all skin types unless it is super-concentrated, which is rare in products. It makes your skin super soft and supple, and its benefits aren't just limited to the skin because it can work wonders for your hair too.

Why you should make sure glycerin is in your hair products if you have dry hair

Glycerin is a potent humectant that keeps your dry skin hydrated and healthy. Similarly, glycerin can also be used to treat dry hair. When your hair is holding more water on its surface, it is more hydrated and looks livelier. You know glycerin can have a plumping effect on your skin, and it can do the same for your hair. Ava Shamban, M.D., founder of SKINFIVE, told mindbodygreen, "Humectants are basically 'water magnets,'" and they can draw water into your dry hair, making them look "soft and shiny."  Weather and age can give you a dry scalp that needs extra moisture.

Glycerin is a very friendly ingredient meaning it doesn't react negatively with other ingredients, per Byrdie and that's why it is used in so many products. It can normalize oil production on the scalp and prevent it from getting too dry. Byrdie calls glycerin "the most effective humectant" because it is a fantastic moisturizer for your hair, just like your face. In addition, it also helps with keeping your frizz under control if you have dry hair. According to Healthline, glycerin is a great hair conditioner that can strengthen your hair and make it shiny, which is exactly what dry hair needs because it is prone to breakage and can look dull due to lack of hydration.

Best hair products with glycerin

You can actually buy pure glycerin and use it as a hair mask mixed with other concoctions for your parched hair, per Healthline, but if you aren't a DIY person, there are plenty of glycerin-infused hair products in the market for silky, smooth hair that is intensely hydrated.

Byrdie loves the MIELLE Babassu & Mint Deep Conditioner because this glycerin-infused product also has babassu oil and mint for dry hair and scalp. According to the brand, it is an excellent refuge for dry and damaged hair because it has "sterols and tocopherols to moisturize and improve hair and scalp." The Strategist raves about R+Co TELEVISION Perfect Hair Conditioner because it has glycerin to combat dryness in hair and babassu oil for an extra deep-conditioning treatment. Master stylist Brooke Jordan told the outlet, "A great moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is the best first line of defense for dry hair." And you can start by investing in this one. Healthline recommends Verb Ghost Weightless hair Oil because it has great reviews. According to the brand, clinical studies show that people reported 75% shinier hair with use. In addition, it also has moringa oil to nourish and strengthen your hair. Your dry hair will thank you for this.