The Perfect Piercing For A Capricorn

If you're looking for someone to help you improve your work habits or make a detailed plan for how to spend your weekend more productively, ask someone who's a Capricorn. According to Co-Star Astrology, people belonging to this driven Earth sign are born between December 21 and January 20, and they're known for being mature and responsible. Capricorns desire success and may come across as unemotional when meeting new people, as it typically takes this stoic sign time to let its guard down.

Additionally, YourTango explains that Capricorns are planners who prefer creating detailed itineraries over making spontaneous decisions. Nothing satisfies a meticulous Capricorn more than following through with a well-executed plan, which makes them trustworthy leaders. Since this Earth sign usually likes to know exactly what they'll be getting into before committing to anything, they'll spend time figuring out what type of piercing they want before they even book an appointment. 

Luckily for these detailed-oriented individuals, we know the perfect piercing for a Capricorn to help make their decision even easier.

Capricorns will love double earlobe piercings

Capricorns typically dislike the idea of putting their bodies at risk (via Astrotalk). So, when they're perusing the definitive guide to all types of body piercings, they'll likely stay away from face piercings or piercings on unusual body parts. They'd hate the idea of harming their faces or any particularly sensitive areas, which is understandable. However, you can never go wrong with classic earlobe piercings. HelloGiggles notes that Capricorns crave elegant beauty with little required maintenance, and two earlobe piercings are an excellent way to achieve a stylish look without added work.

Thrillist explains that Capricorns love being invited to parties, and a stylish updo showing off some new sleek earrings is a perfect way to make a statement. Plus, it can even be a fun conversation starter with jewelry enthusiasts! There are so many interesting ways to rock this trend — if you're looking for something subtle yet fashionable, you can't go wrong with two simple studs (via Instagram). For a slightly bolder look, double hoops will give off cool-girl energy, or you can even mix it up with one stud and one hoop for something totally different.

Everything you need to know about getting your earlobes pierced

If you're a Capricorn, we expect you to weigh whether the risk of pain is worth the reward of the piercing. Lucky for you, though, earlobe piercings are known for being less painful than most other ear and body piercings. This is because the earlobe is more than just a thin layer of skin and it isn't positioned in a bony area. A Quora user explained what it was like to get an ear piercing in terms of pain and discomfort. They wrote, "The fleshy earlobes are the easiest. Flick your earlobe with your fingernail as hard as you can. Not too bad, right? That's a pretty close approximation to what an earlobe piercing feels like."

Regarding price, Byrdie explained that one earlobe piercing typically costs between $25 and $50. If you already have an earlobe piercing, be ready to pay anywhere between those prices for the second one. If you're getting both earlobe piercings done at the same time, the total cost should be between $50 and $100.

Byrdie also noted that you should try to avoid touching new piercings for easier healing, and they recommend using saline solution to clean them as needed. And remember, you should only touch your piercings with clean hands!