The Hydrating Ingredient You Should Make Sure Is In Your Lip Balm

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Do you use lip balm every day? It is one beauty item that we need but tends to get misplaced a lot, but no worries because there's always more where it came from. Lip balms are great because they hydrate and soothe your lips at any time and are pretty affordable. Of course, there are splurge-worthy lip balms out there too. 

But why do our lips chap so much? Manhattan-based dermatologist Dendy Engleman told Good Housekeeping, "They are in daily contact with saliva that contains alpha-amylase, a digestive enzyme that can break down the skin, and are always exposed to the elements, so lips take a beating from the sun, the cold weather, wind, and heat." That can lead to dry lips, so choosing a lip balm with emollients will moisturize them, and occlusives will form a barrier to protect them further. Nowadays, you can also go for multitasking lip balms that provide sun protection or have a slight hint of color, which is perfect for minimalists.

According to Insider, the best ingredients to look for in a lip balm include lanolin (a type of wax), petroleum jelly, and rich butters (shea and cocoa) to hydrate, soften and soothe the lips.

What is vitamin E?

According to Mayo Clinic, we need nutrients for our skin, blood, and brain health; it also aids reproduction and vision.  So, it has many health benefits. Healthline shared that it is a powerful antioxidant that protects your body from oxidative stress that can lead to diseases, keeps your heart healthy, and potentially maintains your cognitive abilities.

You can get your regular dose of vitamin E from, olive oil, peanuts, and leafy greens; otherwise, you can also take supplements. In addition to health benefits, it is also great for your skin. It is a fat-soluble vitamin, which is why it is commonly used in oil-based skincare products, per Mindbodygreen. It is commonly available infused with other moisturizing oils but can also be used it on its own, and dermatologists are a fan. Vitamin E oils are very popular nowadays because they give you hydrated, smooth, and glowy skin almost immediately and might also help against signs of aging (via Women's Wear Daily). Vitamin E has excellent benefits for the skin, and it can also work wonders for your kissable lips.

Why you should make sure vitamin E is in your lip balm

When you have dry, chapped, or cracked lips, you can always count on your little lip balm to come to the rescue. If you are out and about on a sunny day (any time of the year), it's smart to invest in an SPF-infused lip balm to protect you from the sun's UVA/UVB rays, and they generally have other beneficial ingredients to give you the most luscious lips too, per InStyle. Vitamin E is another potent ingredient you should look for in your next lip balm. It combines the powerful qualities of a humectant and emollient to hydrate and protect your lips (via Mindbodygreen). When your lips are deeply hydrated, they look fuller, and who doesn't want that?

Being fat-soluble, it coats the top layer of your lips to keep them safe from external factors like the outdoor wind and indoor heat. According to InStyle, being an antioxidant, it protects your lips from free radicals, an abundance of which may accelerate aging (via Verywell Health). Therefore, vitamin E can keep your lips looking young and plump. Vitamin E has incredible healing properties too and is used on wounds and scars, per Biotimeinc. Dry lips are prone to cracking, which can hurt, but vitamin E in lip balm can help heal the tiny cuts on your lips. With so many benefits, why wouldn't you want vitamin E in your lip balm?

Best lip balms with vitamin E

Thankfully, it is not hard to find lip balms with vitamin E, and there are so many options to choose from based on your preference and budget. Here are the best of the best lip balms with vitamin E.

Byrdie loves the legendary Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm because it is all-natural, extremely hydrating, and affordable. Known for making iconic lip balms, Burt's Bees claims it has beeswax to soften your lips and a subtle peppermint smell, in addition to vitamin E. It is so good and wallet-friendly that you will probably want it in every purse. Isn't it great to find a little wonder that can give you the softest lips and protect them from the sun? InStyle raves about Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 because this uber-hydrating lip balm instantly soothes dry lips and protects them from extreme elements, sun damage, and windburn. They love how it comes in the most intoxicating blend of flavors like Lemon and Shea Butter and Black Tea + Blackberry, among others.

Good Housekeeping is a fan of Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 because it has a thick texture without the sticky feel and is deeply moisturizing, perfect for rough and cracked lips. According to the brand, it has Vitamin E, aloe vera, and squalane for extra hydration. This fragrance-free lip balm is fantastic for everyone, and if you want a little flavor, they have it in Mint, Mango, and Cranberry scents.