Carrie Underwood's Legs Take Center Stage At The CMT Music Awards

Carrie Underwood is one of the biggest names in country music. In fact, the recording artist has sold more than 64 million albums across the globe and has released 27 singles that have gone all the way to number one on the charts (via Hello! Magazine).

To say she is a star is an understatement. When the singer posted about receiving nominations for the Dove Awards back in 2021, fans were commenting on her post calling her the best country artist of all time, among other praises.

In case you forgot, Underwood got her start on Season 4 of "American Idol" (via Country FanCast). After convincing her mom to drive her across state lines so she could audition, Underwood would go on to win the whole show and become one of the most popular contestants to date.

The singer and songwriter is naturally no stranger to award shows either. She's been involved with the CMT Music Awards since she broke into the industry. Going into the 2022 awards ceremony, where she was nominated for two awards, fans couldn't get enough of her look for one specific reason. If you saw Carrie Underwood at the 2022 Grammy Awards, you might already know what that is.

Her legs were yet again a highlight

While Carrie Underwood is a beloved country music artist with hit songs and a killer voice, one aspect of her life keeps making headlines. Of course, that is her stunning legs. After her amazing performance at the 2022 Grammy Awards, fans couldn't get enough of her toned legs (via Country Living).

The singer performed in a purple mini dress that fans loved. So, it was no surprise that when she hit the red carpet at the CMT Awards, all eyes were on what she was wearing. She didn't disappoint in her purple leopard print look (via USA Today).

If you're envious of Underwood's legs, she wrote a book and even made a fitness app to help you reach your goals (via The Nashville Edit). "Health and fitness are something I am truly, deeply passionate about," writes Underwood.

So, if you want legs like Underwood, you can go to the source yourself. One thing is for sure: She continues to wow fans with her looks on the red carpet, and her personal trainer, Erin Oprea, with whom Underwood's worked for many, many years (via People), continue to put in the work.

Fans frequently gush over Carrie Underwood's legs

Carrie Underwood's legs are a frequent source of fan discussion, and admiration. She posts regular updates from the gym to Instagram, keeping followers abreast of the kind of routines the country star is doing at the time. "Wowzah LEGs ... I need your workout routine !!!!" wrote one fan in response to a full-length mirror selfie, in which Underwood wore white shorts and a big smile. "Working to get my legs like yours. Stunning," commented another.

As Women's Health notes, the "Before He Cheats" hit-maker actually travels with her personal trainer on tour, to ensure Underwood gets her workouts in every single day of the run. A typical leg day involves doing six super-sets, comprising three compound exercises each, with three to four sets per round. Underwood's favorites include squats, deadlifts, tuck jumps, and lunges, most of which she does with heavy dumbbells to make them that much harder.

If even reading that makes your legs feel wobbly, bear in mind that the country star also runs regularly, either outside or on the treadmill. As Underwood explained, though, she doesn't just jog on the spot for extended periods of time. Rather, "I have to set goals for myself: 'Every 15 minutes I'm going to hit 1.25 miles, then by the end of an hour I'll have run 5 miles.'" Now that's dedication. 

Carrie Underwood makes sure to never miss a workout

Although she's often asked what the "secret" is to her incredible figure, Carrie Underwood maintains it's simply about fitting in her workouts whenever and wherever she can. As the singer-songwriter told Shape, "We have so much going on right now. I have two children that are extremely active and busy, and I'm also prepping for a lot of different things at the moment ... So, I do the best I can to take care of myself in the midst of all of that." Underwood makes sure she always has the equipment she needs so she can fit in workouts when she can. "I try to make it easy, always available, and now it's just part of my routine," she explained.

Underwood partnered with sports drink Bodyarmor Lyte to spread awareness about the importance of hydration, arguing that sometimes people are so focused on exercise that they forget how important it is to get enough fluids and recover accordingly, too. While chatting to InStyle about why she decided to partner with this brand, in particular, Underwood acknowledged she's gradually become more invested in health and fitness over time.

The busy working mother needs something that's going to fit effortlessly into her lifestyle, that she doesn't even have to think about, which was also the thinking behind her fitness app, fit52. As she advised anybody looking to make a change in their lives, "The question I ask myself is, 'Can I see myself doing this a year from now?' And if you can't, then that's not your workout or not your diet."