The Best Wine To Drink If You're A Sagittarius

People born under the fire sign of Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) are known to be immensely passionate, driven, creative, and flexible (via Allure). Represented by the archer, this dynamic sign tends to set their sights on what they want and take intentional aim. Our beloved Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius, as are Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish (via New York Post). When they want the spotlight, they easily command everyone's full attention on center stage, but when they want to retreat to plan their next move, they have no problem at all stepping back and re-focusing. 

They are bold and brave, but also tend to be sensitive, compassionate, and caring. They love to learn, and seem sometimes to be on a lifelong quest for deep knowledge in all respects: spiritual, academic, artistic, and otherwise (via Allure). And when they find something they love, whether a pursuit, a destination, a person, or a place, you're unlikely to find someone more dedicated or passionate about those loves. 

Wine is a subject that invites opportunities for endless learning, so if a Sagittarius falls in love with wine and wine culture, they could easily spend years fully immersing themselves to become experts. But whether you, as a Sagittarius, are a passionate wine lover or simply enjoy a glass here and there, astrologers and wine experts have some ideas as to which varieties might be your favorite.  

Wines to try if you're a Sagittarius

Because of your love of adventure and lifelong seeking of knowledge, Wine Country suggests you might enjoy exploring some lesser known varieties of wine, Sagittarius. For a white, you might try a Vermentino, which usually comes from Italy and sometimes from France (via Wine Enthusiast). The Vermentino grape is light in color and creates a wine that is very light in body, delicate in flavor, and refreshing on the palette. It would be perfect on a hot summer day. 

Another option for a lesser-known white, according to Wine Country, would be an albariño, which comes mostly from Portugal and Spain (via Wine Folly). This crisp white is dry, light, and features citrus notes, a pleasant acidity, and even a hint of saltiness, which many attribute to the grape's seaside origin. Breaking out a bottle of this at a party, rather than the more expected Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay will certainly catch the eye of your guests, Sagittarius, and serve to support your reputation as an adventurous, knowledgable lover of fine things.   

Other wines to try if you're a Sagittarius

If you're in more of a red wine mood, Astrologist Skye Alexander suggests you try a Beaujolais Nouveau (via Eating Well). What makes this wine unique is that it us released only on the third Thursday of the month of November (just when your season begins, Sagittarius!) and unlike most reds, it is meant to be enjoyed young, usually only weeks after the grapes are harvested. In France the release of this wine gets its own holiday of sorts and is often marked with a celebration and even fireworks to mark the harvest season. 

This red is light in body and isn't very heavy on the tannins (via Vine Pair). With fairly high acidity and bright berry flavors, this wine can easily be the life of the party, whether you're celebrating your perfectly-timed birthday, a holiday, or simply being alive, as you're apt to do, Sagittarius.