Barbara Pierce Bush Reveals A Meaningful Detail About Her Daughter's Birth

Barbara Pierce Bush — an activist and the daughter of former President George W. Bush — and her husband, Craig Coyne, welcomed their first child into the world last year, and the birth story contains a very sweet detail.

Cora Georgia Coyne was born on Sept. 27, 2021, as announced on Twitter by the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Barbara's cousin, Wendy Wear Stapleton, told People that the name was chosen because of the alliteration and that the middle name — a riff on "George" — honors Barbara's father and her grandfather, former President George H.W. Bush.

The baby was born about six weeks early. "She was premature and very healthy," Barbara told People. "She just needed some help figuring out the basics like breathing and getting stronger to be able to do those things on her own." The newborn was even able to spend time with her maternal grandparents, President Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush, in January.

While the child's arrival was earlier than expected, it did lead to a meaningful moment for Barbara.

Barbara Pierce Bush's daughter ended up in the best hospital possible

When Cora Georgia, daughter of Barbara Pierce Bush and Craig Coyne, was born, the family was in Maine, not their home of New York. Since she was born premature, the baby ended up in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for around four weeks. And this NICU was in a very special hospital.

"I went there to go visit her and looked over on the wall," Barbara, whose twin sister is news personality Jenna Bush Hager, shared with People, "and it said Barbara Bush Children's Hospital." Yes, it turned out that the hospital just happened to be named after former First Lady Barbara Bush, who is Barbara's late paternal grandmother. 

"So, in many ways, it felt divine that she was born in Maine, near where we were married and where we have so many memories as a family," she continued. "Then I felt how poignant and meaningful it was in a place that meant something to my grandmother."